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Human Resource And Management

Write an HRM Plan for a hypothetical firm/staff member of your choice, focusing on the following four areas.

1. Training and development plan

Training and development plans are used to train employees in a particular way to improve their performance and enhance their productivity (“Top 4 Employee Development Plan Examples – Training Station”, 2017). The performance-based plan is considered the most appropriate one for the training and development program. The plan should be designed in a way that develops the skills of the employee on an annual performance basis. The analysis of skill development could be done by evaluating the goals, achievements, outcomes, and standards of work by the employees.

2. Remuneration plan

A remuneration plan is used to reward an employee on the basis of his/her performance or achievements. A remuneration plan should be designed in a way that helps to motivate the staff and encourage them to work more. The plan could be based on a yearly basis or on a 6-month performance level. The goals and targets are assigned to employees and set a level of rewards and incentives. When the employees achieve their targets, they receive rewards and incentives in different forms designed by the HR authorities, such as bonus money or some gifts to motivate and encourage the employees (Mayhew, 2018).

3. Labor relation plan

Labor relations plans are designed to promote a friendly and professional organizational culture. Long-term and short-term goals are defined, and employees are well aware of all their duties and responsibilities. In the labor relation plan, managers are responsible for improving the work culture and motivating the employees, as well as developing an environment of effective consultation. Through effective communication techniques, the relations with employees could be better and developed in a way that promotes their critical thinking and creativity skills. Managers help the employees in any dispute resolution and provide effective training to develop problem-solving skills.

4. Safety, health, and welfare

Safety, health, and welfare factors at work are important for employees. They need specified plans that ensure their safety and health measures in a legal way. Employees should be allowed to take leave when they are sick and in case of an accident or injury. Employers are responsible for ensuring a safe work environment for their employees as it is the most significant factor in modern world trends.

Describe what the term “HRM system” means.

A human resource management (HRM) system is designed to incorporate many human resource functions such as benefits administration, payroll services, recruiting and training purposes, incentive measures, performance analysis, and safety measures. HRM system is required and necessary for the success of any organization.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages (if any) of using an HRM system.

HRM system is a significant pattern that promotes several benefits and advantages for an organization. However, it does have some disadvantages, but as a whole, the system is required for an effective business and for the development of any organization. The system helps to determine several important factors regarding the performance, productivity, and satisfaction level of the employees (Joseph, n.d.). It helps to save money and reduce time to make plans for each employee separately. It handles the most time-consuming tasks, such as recruitment, selection, and hiring processes.


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