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WHY WOMEN SMILE by Amy Cunningham

Amy Cunningham in her essay Why Women Smile, explains the value of a smile and how it does not always reflect how a woman is genuine. Amy Cunningham essay Why Women smile, a piece that explores the theme. Amy Cunningham states that to show happiness, joy, and a carefree attitude at all times so she will greet despite the emotional state. Cunningham believes that in this situation she is restricted from displaying what is going through her mind because the world only wishes to see her in a state of happiness. Most of the masses view that a woman despite stresses before the workday, her smile is always in full wattage. Cunningham dictates that women are expected to smile no matter where they line up on life ladder.

Amy Cunningham view that women are affected by society. Therefore, sometimes they show their emotions and some time remain silent. Women are not still equal to the men; males dominate them. Community yet has affected over the women . Cunningham talks about how monkeys use the smile to show that they are compliant and they do not harm the other species which are living around them. How it is a biological trait that why women smile, this connection tells us about the woman. This logic is compared with monkeys how they are submissive, and monkeys do to express that they are non-threatening. It shows that smile is biological and non-threatening. I do agree with this essay because women are very affected by the society in the ways that they have a smile on face and show their emotions.(

Samina Baig, who is from Hunza, has iterated this very fact by vanquishing the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Being the first Pakistani woman and at third in the global world. The women of the North are not unworldly of their budding and are contributing towards the natural selection of the country. Ayesha is Pakistan’s female pilot who has achieved the status of Pilot. Her age is 26 years old who has reached the rank of pilots in the Pakistan Air Force; she belongs to Bahawalpur. There are many other female fighter pilots. These are women who smile, although they have affected by the society in the ways that they showed their emotions and became honorable in the country. The success of the women might measure by the sincerity and smile on her face which indicates that either they are affected by society, but they have reached their goals.

I concluded that women smile means; she is very innocent, and she has affected by society, but she does not show her fear to the other people, and she met every one with smile face. I agree with them. Cunningham talks about women that they have the smile on their face like the monkey that does not threaten the other species which are around them. So in society women would be tolerated and consider her equal to the men, there should not be discrimination by gender.





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