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Why was Marilyn Monroe so Important in Pop Culture

Marilyn Monroe was an American actresses and singer known throughout the world. She started her career by gaining the reputation of the famous sex symbol when she ended up playing a comic role in Blonde Bombshell.  One of the important top-billed actresses, she remained an important part of pop culture. For more than half a century people adored her and continued to believe that Marilyn Monroe is the icon of pop culture. Decade after decade Marilyn Monroe keeps going in different plays in different roles.  Considering Monroe as a sex symbol only would not be the right to do since the generations keep on coming back to her to get the most of whatever she had. Marilyn Monroe is an important part of pop culture because of her skills, her never-ending beauty and her way of representing herself in front of everyone.

The appealing beauty of Monroe was because of the genetic talent she had already presented in her. Movie cameras love women who are beautiful and attractive, but there was something different with Monroe. Movie cameras always wanted Monroe to be the leading role so that people would come in groups to see her classic beauty and attractiveness. In one of the famous masterpieces of ‘Gentlemen prefer blondes’ in the year 1953 she was considered as a figure even in comparison to the great partner Jane Russell. Although Jane Russell was known for the acting, all got evaporated in front of the amazingly put character of Monroe. One of the tough little B pictures from the year 1952, Monroe was portrayed as the psychotic babysitter the way she carried on her role can never be seen in another movie. No such match has been found like Monroe. Though she died of early death, her on-screen performances was a combination of her personal and fantasy life. The way she pretended to be unaware of her fame in men made her more wanted by the men of the society at that time and the generations after that.

In ‘the seven-year Itch’ she did not pay attention to the fanatic behavior of Tom Ewell on seeing her. Her blowing white skirt made Ewell hypnotized. On the other hand, Monroe as an actress knew what she was doing and what was the purpose behind that. This was one of the ways where she gained the attention of many of the people who missed a beat even before she entered the place.  Her curves were realized by the director John Huston that is why he cast her as rich man’s side dish in the 1950’s ‘The Asphalt Jungle’ so that the people would be concentrating more on the plot rather than her iconic figure. Many people were able to realize the intellectual side in all her plays. People were able to give interesting reasons for why they value Monroe so much in all the acts. Monroe expressed her views about being into married men after which many people in business drooled over her idea about the Monroe’s preference.

With the passage of the time men got tired of the way Monroe maintained her way of interaction with men but there was something which made all the male actors calm in front of her on-screen. They tend to b average American Males which however are now distinct and only recognized by the fedoras. However, they had enormous confidence in them. All these average men know how to gather a woman around them as long as the girl knew how to be approached by the men. Widmark used to say a line about Monroe back then which says, do bother to knock otherwise you will be responsible for whatever happens (Guzmán, Rafer). All those who are a fan of the costumes and the old time actresses would remember Marilyn Monroe to be important in the pop culture.

Monroe was one of the complex and fascinating women, who was able to achieve a great deal with her childhood obstacles. Often it is seen that the children who face difficulties in their early age lose their hope for living in this world, but Monroe never did this. She made her position in the world which continued for a long time. Her struggle made a prominent sex symbol in the international market and an American of great importance. Lack of formal education never stopped her from getting educated. She educated herself despite the immense sexual oppression. One of the major studios, 20th century Fox was challenged by the amazingly self-educated woman Monroe. She challenged the studio by the freedom of artists and the single-handed nature of the movies in their production. The very first star to endorse a female was Monroe in the year 1952. After the endorsement done by Monroe, Jane Fonda became well-known and famous for doing so.

Known throughout the world with the single signature written as ‘MM’ reminds the world of who she was and how she changed her life. To all the people questioning her skills and her acceptance in the coming year, the answer to them is that Marilyn Monroe will be accepted throughout the world in the same way like she was before. She will be remembered in the next coming years. People should face the fact that Monroe is not going anywhere. She will always be around highlighting her importance and outliving around the people. Stars like her are not made any more in the world.

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