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Why I want to become a Radiologic Technologist

A career adorned with immense reward and serving humanity may attract passion along with personal stimulation and satisfaction. The same is very accurate about radiological technologists, and it has amplified my excitement to lead my future life by adopting this service as a career. However, several reasons and advantages have augmented my passion for becoming a radiologic technologist. The foremost is the involvement of modern technology with the usage of sophisticated advanced equipment in the healthcare profession. Undoubtedly, proficient treatment depends upon the diagnosis of diseases and trauma, which eventually is based on accurate radio graphical tests and imaging. In other words, saving someone’s life has the core roots of finding out ailment, which is a significant element of disease management. So, it is important to claim that a radiologic technologist plays a central and pivotal role in the modern medical industry. Moreover, my personal acquaintance, capacity, and earned experience in the healthcare field make this profession lemonade for my future life. I have grossed about four years of experience as a certified phlebotomist along with a certified nurse assistant in the medical field. Currently, I am performing duties as a nurse assistant with keen passion and devotion. Such a specified experience has appropriately led my way towards becoming an X-ray technician. In addition, I have festooned with proficient communication skills primarily to deal with the patient chunk in the medical industry. I soberly ease the tense situation faced by the patients and their attendants to satisfy concerning their issues. I always feel immense pleasure in making patients feel utmost uprightly good with my efforts and due care. So, the further desire and urge to gain education regarding my intention probes my way towards becoming an X-ray technician. Another feature for selecting this profession lies in my desire to work directly with the patient populace with the flexibility of routines and multiple shifts. In concluding words, regarding the selection of this profession, variously stated advantageous aspects, my capabilities, experience and passionate desire impulse me to be an X-ray technician. So, this preferential option adorned with the envelope of appropriateness makes me a suitable candidate to pursue my education in the desired lines as a suitable candidate.



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