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Why I Want To Be A Nurse


Choosing a proper career path is important for any individual because it elaborates the needs of a person and why he/she wants to choose to do it in his/her future. In this context, people choose their careers based on their desires and the field in which they are interested (James & Hooda, 2017). It helps an individual to work effectively in the desired field and helps interpersonal skills to develop more. This essay elaborates on why I want to choose nursing as a profession. I have decided to pursue nursing as a professional career, and this essay provides why I have decided to choose this field. It will enlist the factors that were my concern in choosing this field and how I will adopt this in the future.


From my childhood, I have always been very active and engaged in a task I was given. I always wanted to achieve a goal I was given without affecting my interpersonal capabilities. When I was growing up and was in the phase of choosing my career path, I always wanted to have a career that is interesting, challenging, and makes a difference in everyday life. I decided that I want to choose nursing as my profession because it involves dealing with patients on a daily basis, and there is a lot of variety in this work. One of the main factors I want to be a nurse is that, in hospitals, you have to deal with patients and their families (Kearney-Nunnery, 2015). Sometimes, there is a case where these families become happy just because of the doctor or a nurse. It was satisfying for me that someone was happy because of me. My mother has also been a nurse for the past seven years, and watching her being satisfied every day with her job and making others happy inspired me a lot. Working for the welfare of society is a big concern, and being a nurse makes me feel that I can give a lot to this society.

I have studied science since my childhood, and even in college, I had a lot of interest in science. Practicing medical science as a profession will make my dream come true: to discover science even better. Where there is desire, every work can be accomplished (Kearney-Nunnery, 2015). Following this belief, I want to be a nurse because I will take it as an activity, not a profession, which will make me more effective in my work. I believe that nursing is becoming a diverse career path that provides a different and new perspective on the hospital experience for the patients and other concerned personnel. It has had a huge impact on me, as I think I deem myself fit in this career, as I can provide a change in the hospital experience for patients and help them effectively. My mom usually took me to her medical facility, and I used to observe the environment and the challenges she had to face.

It inspired me that she worked under great circumstances, providing medical care to people and dealing with their emotional health. Providing emotional and medical care are linked together, and it is also one of the factors I want to become a nurse. However, keeping the disadvantages in mind, I want to provide care for the people and serve humanity to become a better person here and in the hereafter.


This essay provides details of why I chose nursing as a profession and what affected my choice of this path. After learning and observing, I decided to become a nurse and pursue nursing as my profession. It will help me a lot in my career, as I want to choose a challenging career as my intellectual skills allow me to do so (Hall & Mast, 2015).


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