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Why am I best suited for the career I am pursuing rather than another career?

Creating an Argument

Topic Selection: The topic I have selected for creating a persuasive argument is “Why am I best suited for the career I am pursuing rather than another career?” This essay presents the argument and the reasons why I have chosen that specific career.

Argument: The field of health administration has a vast array of opportunities that are perfect for someone with the right qualifications and personality to be a leader in the care sector, which encourages me that I am better suited for this dynamic field because of my interest, knowledge, skills, and passion for healthcare and administration.


Throughout our lives, we all make decisions that affect our lives, which either provide us with the best opportunity for personal growth and fulfilment or have drawbacks that negatively impact our lifestyles. As an undergraduate student, it is important for me to explore different career paths and consider the different prospective options available to me. I have always been interested in healthcare and hospital administration, and I want to be a part of the healthcare industry to help address the needs of society and improve the quality of care provided to patients.

To achieve this goal in my life, I am pursuing a Bachelor’s in Health Administration to become an administrator or to be in a leadership position in health services organizations in the future. I have firm faith in my capabilities that I would be able to contribute the most value and make the most difference if I pursue an administrative career in healthcare rather than pursuing a career in pharmacy, biotechnology, or any other field. I believe that the pharmacy and biotechnology fields are very challenging as well as competitive and would limit my skills to only one arena of the care sector.

On the contrary, an administrative career in healthcare can provide numerous opportunities and push an individual beyond their boundaries to outperform their strong interests in the care sector (Parsons et al., 1997). I have realized that pursuing a career in healthcare administration may help me become more involved in my field and improve my knowledge of the business aspects of healthcare. To put it simply, I believe that my interests, skills, and talents are more aligned with a career in health administration than any other field because the list of areas of interest within health administration is almost endless. Moreover, the ability to explore and be innovative within this field is very important as this career path will enable me to learn and grow as a leader in my field and ultimately accomplish my career goals and aspirations.


Parsons, R. J., Gustafson, G., Murray, B. P., Dwore, R. B., Smith, P. M., & Vorderer, L. H. (1997). Hospital administrators’ career paths: Which way to the top? Health Care Management Review, 82–96.



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