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Who Won the American Revolution? Essay


John Green used the video to portray the effect of the Revolution war in America. He attempts to describe the occurrences that took place immediately after the war. The “who won the American revolution” video is an attempt to describe the most beneficiaries of the same. It is in the same movie that he explains the various reasons that the Americans considered to take part in the war. The need for freedom and rights were some of the major reasons that the Americans engaged in the Revolution war. Every American expected that their situation would change after the Revolution war. John Green depicts the factual occurrences as a result of the revolution.

A fundamental change in the colonial life due to the revolution

The end of the American Revolution marked the beginning of a new chapter for the country. In this case, the Americans had been fighting to win their freedom from the Brits. It was after the Americans had won the revolution that things turned out to be better for them. However, the fundamental change that occurred after the revolution benefited the Native Americans, that is the whites. The whites gained their rights and therefore were able to control the country better. However, the rights of the women did not change at all. They remained under the rule of the men counterparts. Also, American slaves did no celebrate the results of the revolution. They continued being slaves to the white majority. The male property owners had something to smile about. They got the rights to own property without being subjected to the rule of the British colony. The white male Americans owned the property. Discrimination, therefore, continued even after America won the Revolution war. This was the beginning of another struggle for the rights of the minority groups.

The main reason for American’s victory in the Revolution war

The film depicts the entrance of French army in the war field as the main reason why the Americans won the war. The French had been great rivals to the Brits for centuries. Therefore, they presented a reasonable objection to England’s policies and decisions. The establishment of the French American Alliance increased the ability of the Americans to fight better. It remained a factor of one against many enemies. The Britain army had to retreat from various bases in America. This created loopholes in their defense, making it possible for the French army to come in. The American Army was favored by the fact that it engaged from its land. Therefore, the warlords had an easier time planning and executing the logistics plans. On the other hand, t6he Britain army was not quite familiar with the land. To the England army, America was a foreign land that they could not fully comprehend. Therefore, the American warlords attached the Brits from all sides without their knowledge. Other contributing reasons include the loss of loyalty from the Native Americans. The Americans felt that they were fighting a losing battle by supporting the Brits. As a result, they later gave up the support, lowering the level of intelligence for the British army. As a result, they lost to Americans.

How the life of women changed after the war

The film indicates no significant change in the lives of women. The only difference that is significant is that of the male property owners. The women remained vulnerable to the rule and dominance of men. Women could still not own property on their own. They were still held as part of the property belonging to men. However, the win in the revolution war paved the way for the beginning of an internal struggle aimed at attaining women’s rights.




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