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Which Teaching Strategies might be most Readily Adapted to the Online Environment? Which ones might be more challenging?

Nowadays, we can see there is a boom in online learning and teaching, as people are moving towards it. Mostly now school are not considered suitable by the parents as racism is getting high day by day and social discrimination is peaking in the school environment, and we can see cases of bullying in the schools which mostly disturb the students from schooling which developed psychological issues in them. Under this circumstance, there is the focus of parents to save their children and make them learn in front of them and safe environment, for which parents consider the online schooling best for them.

Online teaching is not an easy thing because you are focusing a person, it could be boring and not much interactive like a classroom for which there is a need for different strategies to be adopted. The teacher should try well to utilize online resources and have full command of the technology so they can facilitate the student well. If they are teaching anatomy, they should be known to use of visual, internet online sources and articles to provide it to their students so they can learn and increase their knowledge fruitfully. Self-regulation is necessary because online teachers feel it easy and take the light on their end but impact the feedback and being self-regulatory helps out the students to learn smoothly and they will not gap too(Gradhacker, 2012).

The challenge which rises most is retaining your students because students have the option to leave your class or they find some other good place to read so they will look the best for their self. Sometimes students are unable to understand and cannot easily catch up their concepts for which they leave the class. Mostly the toughest phase is to retain your students in your site, and there is mainly failure in strategies too(Jack, 2015).


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