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What makes Mark Twain a legendary author?

Most people know Samuel Langhorne Clemens as Mark Twain, and the name remains legendary for a number of reasons. Literature plays a major role in shaping many things in contemporary society, and its name in history makes it possible to influence many things. It is believed that most modern literature banks on one specific book by Mark. Huckleberry Finn is such an important book that everyone in the field of literature values it since no other script existed before.

A number of aspects make the author legendary, starting from their diverse lives and many careers. Moreover, the existence of fascinating stories captures the imaginations of most individuals in the field of literature. The stories are examples that earned the author a number of awards and contributed to his financial growth during his time.

Twain hails from Florida, Missouri. He was born in 1835. He spent most of his life as a young person growing up in Hannibal, which is located on the Mississippi River. At seven, Twain started school, giving him the best platform to mold his career in many ways. Unfortunately, the dada died when he was only twelve, forcing him to drop out of school. The incident forced Twain to drop out of school to become a printer’s apprentice. Ideally, such an event had a positive impact on Twain’s life since he was able to venture into a writing career and positively impact the lives of most individuals. Piloting the steamboat on the Mississippi River in the 1850s was the breakthrough. The renowned author even managed to obtain the license within the same period. He kept on executing such an event till the start of the Civil War. Later, Twain got a brief service in the Confederate Militia. He never stayed in that position long enough and later moved out west. Nevada and California also enabled the author to hone his skills since he worked as a silver miner and a reporter. Mark Twain is not the author’s original name since he simply adopted the pseudonym in 1863. Twain relates that water resides at a level deep enough to enable it to travel. Later in the years, Twain became a traveling correspondent representing various newspapers. Traveling around the world gave him a better scope to make him relevant in framing a number of issues related to modern history. Such a broad scope also made it possible to positively impact modern literature since he got the relevant content on key aspects concerning individuals in contemporary society.

Twain later married Olivia Langdon in 1870. The incident somehow forced him to move out east. After such a marriage, the author lived in New York and later relocated to Hartford. The author got the three daughters while living in such an environment since he was there for a period of close to twenty years. The publication of Tom Sawyer acts as a breakthrough since it has gained worldwide recognition. After such an achievement, Twain started working on several works, placing him in the same position he is in modern society. After working on The Adventure of Huckleberry, Twain became relevant and got all the fame that played an important role in their career. Financial breakthroughs became evident at this time since everything that Twain wrote was selling.

The late 1800s and 1890s were such a hard time for Twain since he suffered a number of financial problems. Losing so much money invested in one of his businesses made it hard to meet matters related to the family as well as his career. Later, Twain decided to write most of his work banking on money as the motivation. That made it possible to recover on a number of things. The financial woes later ended after the publication of The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson, among other books. Since Twain was such an intelligent and talented author and started lecturing, he was able to repay all the existing debts by the 1900s.

After improving their financial condition, Twain still faced personal and health challenges. The ailments that stroke Twain and his wife thwarted most of their life activities, making it hard for the duo to accomplish certain aspects of life. Moreover, the duo spent a lot of money seeking treatments on different occasions. The death of their daughter in 1896 due to meningitis really frustrated the family. The emotional problems that Twain’s wife faced forced him to relocate to Italy, where she died in 1905. All these problems were indeed an uphill task, but still, Twain managed to live a useful life since he never neglected his career in any way. The excerpts of Twain’s autobiography gave him some money, which he used to build a house. Suffering from angina really made him worried, and he thought of the best solution to improve his life at that instance. The condition was severe and resulted in his death in April 1910. Due to their achievements, the author’s autobiography was published posthumously.

Over their lifetime, Twain managed to write a plethora of literature. The life challenges acted as the main influence of her story, making his suitable in contemporary society as well. Living in different environments also made it possible to tell the tales from a better angle. His accomplishment mentioned people who helped him as a way of appreciating them especially. People have different personalities, and letting others know about such personalities through writing communicates a lot. The use of Tom Blankenship in the story keeps the readers glued to the various pages since it relates to most people’s lives in contemporary society. As a result, it serves as an example, and individuals tend to relate well to the same. Even though Tom had such an ignorant and unwashed personality, he had a good heart that impacted the lives of many in society. Being independent in society acted as a sense of motivation, and most people admired his ways of handling things. The lesson is still relevant to date.

Twain was such a charismatic author who used colorful pictures to capture the minds of the readers. The first work that Twain published based on sketches is Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog. The various encouragements that the author got made it possible to impact positively on his work in a number of ways. Even though most of the compositions were executed in a hostile and careless manner, they still remained crucial. Being a traveler, the author managed to write many letters, most of which were banked on his trip. Twain managed to travel to Hawaii, the main focus of which was the new excursion service. The publication of the works in the newspaper was indeed a great milestone, and most people in contemporary society bank on such an achievement to improve literature. The ability to travel and impact not only positively impacted followers but also enabled the author to get various job offers. For instance, he got a contract as a traveling correspondent representing Alta California. Ideally, exposure is such an important move that every author should embrace to provide a comprehensive understanding of literature in modern society. An understanding of the manner in which people live in different parts of the world makes it possible to enrich literature with the best ideologies that translate to a better life.

The people of Mississippi had such an interesting lifestyle, and Twain explored a number of instances affecting such a population. It was possible to create a reflection on the aspects and allow readers to understand matters related to the lives of the common man. The Prince and the Pauper (1882) is one of the works that embraced diversity as well as exotic settings. Twain got most of the breakthroughs through hard work and dedication. The last decade of the author’s life was indeed hard, and it made him bitter in a number of aspects. The death of his wife also affected his personality, and that is evident through his writings as well. Having a pessimistic personality never transpired well with the author’s life since it was hard to address various instances of life. Life is full of transformations, and Twain never gave chances. It was possible to have a positive influence on a number of aspects related to literature. The publication of King Leopold’s Soliloquy in 1905 indicated the level of hypocrisy on matters related to the treatment of the inhabitants of Congo. Most of the ideologies presented in the publications present man as a blunderer. The influence of women is an aspect that plays a major role in the lives of men in a number of ways. Most of the stories that the author presented were pessimistic in nature and incorporated key elements of humor. That is a key instance in capturing the attention of most readers. In contemporary society, it is evident that every man is indeed greedy and presents key features of lust. It was not possible to publish such during such a time since it could not go well with the personality of individuals during such an instance. Most individuals consider such an instance harsh, and it is not right to make it public.

Since Twain was so talented, he managed to get a number of positive awards during this period. Literary arts were indeed amazing and enabled him to progress in key instances. In fact, Yale University recognized such great achievements and presented Twain with a Master’s degree. Moreover, a number of institutions managed to cite the individual, and such citations still exist in contemporary society.

Twain was named to the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1904. Oxford University handed him another Litterarum Doctor degree in 1907 (“Clemens”). His hard work paid off with fame, but his personal trials determined his fate.

Twain’s interesting, diverse life and his fascinating stories have captured the hearts and minds of readers of all ages and will for many more years to come. His immense talent brought people stories and characters they could relate to and hold dear, passing his quotes down through the generations and becoming a charming part of American culture that the whole world can share.



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