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What It Means to Work Here


The article is mainly about the organizations and its committed employees who are working in it. It is not a good and applicable talent management practice by finding the people committed to their jobs and the people who are not. The employees who are highly committed to their jobs are considered as the powerful examples for setting values among everyone. Signature experience is considered as the one which is mostly used for the spreading of attributes as well as values by the companies who have highly engaged employees. The companies who are able to successfully create as well as spread the signature experiences knows that every employee don’t need the same thing as the others. Some are for the sake of career, salary, and social circle while others could be for personal growth self-engagement and professional experiences. The main aim of the paper is to summarize the article provided, discussing its main ideas and providing a brief synopsis which would include all the components of the article included.


The article consists of a series of ideas that would help an organization establish its signature experience. The authors, Tamara J. Erickson and Lynda Gratton, have provided a set of guidelines in this paper that would help achieve signature experience goals. The authors explained a number of examples in which their main theme was to raise awareness of the need for every company to have an appropriate signature experience that sets them apart from their competitors. Communicating clearly and very explicitly with its employees would help the company to intensively and dramatically improve employee engagement and performance, even in the virtual office.

In the very first component of the article, the defining of the target employees, let the corporation identify the potential employees and in this part a proper methodology. There is an example included in the article ti understand this point that the JetBlue have appreciated it employees who worked at the outstation areas, away from their homes with highly flexible timetables. Their salaries were frequently revised as well as bonuses were also given. This helped in the increase of the number of agents in all over the corporation. The included statistics explained that there as 30% increase in the overall productivity of the agents as well as 38% increase in the customer service levels as compared to the other companies.

Another most important component of the paper was related to the striving for the consistency in which the authors have demonstrated the signature experience with different parallel process which would engage the employees to get messages from the corporation’s management. The example given is of Whole Foods who started the team based induction process with proper and clear compensation practices, employee rewards as well as recognition of the best person. Bonuses were added to the people who will be able to achieve the positions. This practice resulted in choosing the best team members and filtration of the nonseriousness from the teams. The teams were based on the hard work rather than being friends.

The most important module in the discussion is about the addressing of business needs. The businesses runs on goals and overcoming of the challenges. It is discussed in this part as the signature experiences could be changed, edited, modified and reconsidered with respect to the current business challenge. The oil companies are considered as an example in this part and the exchange of the ideas for the modification of the business’s core signature experience. This practiced helped a well-known oil company BP for meeting its financial as well as safety targets. Moreover it also helped the company to find out and expel the managers who were not able to carry on the new theme of signature experience. It is necessary to filter out the people who ae not good at the work for the sake of the company rather than for personal benefit.

The employees should be engaged in the better practice of giving a platform in which they would be able to share their experiences and get engaged with the seniors for getting the understanding of the signature experiences. The MBA students should be capable of making the strategies which would hlp in the increase of the sales, building of the good relationships and new networks which could help the company to get the better and more sustainable employees. For this purpose they must be engaged with the seniors to understand the signature experience so that they would not take more time for its understandings.

There is a misconception that anyone with a relevant qualification or experience can fit into the current vacancy in an organization. There must be a courage for the convictions that are perceived. The content of the signature doesn’t matter. It can be used to introduce the culture of the organization and the people should be attracted to the organization by it. It must be different from the other same corporations.


In a nutshell it can be explained that the signature experience is an important figure to be considered while making the path to be followed for achieving the corporate goals. There are many corporations who are not known by even their brand or their culture because they were unable to build a signature experience. The clients could be attracted to an organization through its signature experience as it is considered by many individuals as a source of attraction and individuality proceeding to corporation development.

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