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What is a Healthy Diet?

In the world, there are a huge number of different diets and nutrition systems. Many of them really help, but it is worth remembering that all diets are chosen completely individually. Therefore, do not assume that if the diet has helped others, then it will certainly help you. Another thing is proper nutrition, and observance of the basic rules should be carried out throughout life, and not in a certain period of time. Rational nutrition should become a way of life. Keeping a proper diet for weight loss, you can not only maintain your figure in shape but also improve your health and make your life more harmonious.

Scientists from many countries have already proved that the human body obeys the laws of thermodynamics. In this regard, the basis of healthy and nutritious nutrition is the principle: the energy value must correspond to the energy expenditure of the body. But unfortunately, this condition is most often violated. Namely, in connection with this, the consumption of high-calorie products (sugar, potatoes, bread, etc.) is much higher than energy costs. As a consequence, with each year of life, a mass accumulates, which turns into overweight and obesity.

In addition, there is a second principle – the chemical composition of substances must necessarily individually meet the physiological needs of the body. According to the rules, at least seventy different ingredients must enter the body every day. They are vital because they are not synthesized in the body. From this comes the following principle of proper nutrition – the maximum variety of food.

Last in order, but not in the sense of the principle of proper nutrition – this is the correct diet. The correct diet is alternation, multiplicity, and regularity of meals. The need for food substances, energy, and diet is chosen entirely individually, depending on the needs of the body, physical activity, and age. Many people mistakenly believe that if you correctly choose a set of foods for yourself by the number of vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, and calories, then the body will receive the necessary nutrition, but this is not the case.

What is a healthy diet?

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A healthy diet is the guarantee of a long life, and the child also knows about it. What should I do to live up to a hundred years? Dietitians claim that the secret to longevity is in a healthy and high-grade diet.

What do we know about proper nutrition?

Proper nutrition is not only control of calories and endless diets but also a full-fledged diet, in which all the necessary products must be present: meatcerealsdairy productsfruits, and vegetables. Avoid only “harmful” buns, chocolates, sweet soda, and semi-finished products.

Several years ago, nutritionists brought out a number of “right” products that not only strengthen the body but also help to lose weight. It is known that an organism that does not receive all the necessary substances on a regular basis begins to “flounder”. In order that this not to happen, it is important to choose the right diet and eat it every day.

Often we eat what comes to hand, what can be bought “on the run” and quickly heated in a microwave oven. Identify the benefits of the product (or its harm) sometimes there is no time. The main criterion for choosing food is tasty, fast, and satisfying. Is it correct? Of course not.

Useful breakfast

Where to begin?

First of all, with a firm belief that it is time to change your diet. Indeed, in recent years it has become fashionable to eat properly. And already everyone knows that “bio” and “eco” products, useful yogurts with live bacteria, fresh vegetables, and fruits are the right companions of proper nutrition. If everything is so simple, why do people still suffer from excess weight and lack of vitality?

Where did the fashion for a healthy diet come from?

Fashion for a healthy and healthy way of life came to us from the West, where in the late 60’s appeared products of the category of healthy & wellness (this is how healthy foods are designated). The logo «healthy & wellness» indicates products with a low content of salt, sugar, and fats. Vegetables and fruits under this brand are grown without the use of chemicals, growth stimulants, or genetic engineering methods.

Healthy diet: step-by-step instruction

A healthy lifestyle is a daily set of measures that consists of the right balanced diet, exercise, rejection of bad habits, and a positive and harmonious view of the world. All this is the way and style of life! Healthy people who want to lead a correct lifestyle do not need to go to dietitians and buy huge quantities of books on proper nutrition, which are sometimes confusing and frightening. To feed yourself and your loved ones with the right and healthy food, it is enough to adhere to several rules, which are based on all modern dietology.

Alexey Kovalev

nutritionist, presenter of the programs “Food by the rules and without”, “Family size”

It has long been noted that stress never arises from an “empty place”. One of the conditions that accompany the development of stress is the general change in the acidic environment of the body. To slow down the process of accumulation of fat, you need as much as possible to be in a good mood!

Every day eat an apple, the famous English proverb says: “Eat at least one apple a day – and you will forget the way to the doctor.”

An Apple

The most important rule: you need to strive to maximize the vitamin foods that you eat. It is desirable to increase the consumption of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and berries – then your body will not experience vitamin deficiency, which people suffer in the spring. It is necessary to reduce the number of animal fats, partially replacing them with vegetable oils. Limit your intake of pure sugar and salt. Confectionery sweets are best replaced with honey and dried fruits, and salt – with spices.

The main rules of healthy and proper nutrition

  1. Reduce fats of animal origin.
  2. Increase in diet products rich in saturated fatty acids, such as Omega 3 ( redfish, vegetable oils, nuts).
  3. Eat foods that contain fiber (cereals, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits).
  4. Eat freshly prepared meals.
  5. Do not fry in butter and completely eliminate from the diet margarine.
  6. Abandon excessively salty foods.
  7. Instead of milk, use lactic acid products (kefir, yogurt, fermented milk).
  8. Meat, fish, and poultry must be eaten fresh and only with herbs and vegetables (parsley, celery, dill, salad, green onions, cabbage, etc.).
  9. Every day, there is a salad of fresh vegetables or a fruit salad.

Fresh vegetables

To comply with the rules of healthy eating, you need to limit the consumption of the following foods: sugar, pickles, smoked products, fried foods, fatty pork, dough products, canned food, and canned foods.

Of course, a complete rejection of “harmful” products will require a huge strain of will, and not the fact that efforts will be justified: if a bad mood lifts a piece of cake – nothing terrible. Stress for the body is much more dangerous than a cake that will help to cope with it. Trying to live without stress, and in harmony with yourself is another important rule that shapes our healthy lifestyle.

Do not forget to eat all kinds of porridge (preferably every day). They are the main “healthy” product, from which it is better to start the morning: it is tasty and useful. In cereals, a lot of fiber (which is necessary for proper digestion), minerals, and B vitamins support our nervous system. In conditions of constant stress, porridge – is the best soothing! Cereals are “long” carbohydrates, they will provide the body with satiety and energy before lunch.

Eat right, and the results will not keep you waiting!

What foods contain vitamin B

All the talk about the need to replenish the stores of vitamins in the body that last for a year, in this case, does not make sense. The stock of B vitamins should be replenished daily. In addition, we should not forget that vitamin B is destroyed by alcohol, refined sugars, nicotine, and caffeine, so most people experience its deficiency, and therefore it is so important to know what foods contain vitamin B. >

Products that increase immunity

The main role in maintaining immunity is played by a healthy lifestyle, moderate physical activity, and, of course, proper nutrition. What is needed to maintain immunity? Nutrients are important for immunity, quite a lot, so the food should be varied and balanced.

How to eat right when playing sports

Sport, fitness – for many people this has long been not just words, but a way of life. These people, no doubt, are aware of how it is desirable to eat with regular (albeit amateurish) sports. However, there is another category – beginning athletes. Those who finally decided to overcome laziness and signed up for the gym. This text on proper nutrition in sports will be the last, most likely, more interesting. Although, perhaps, “pros” also emphasize for themselves as something new. >

Protein Products

To fully nourish a person needs proteins. Protein products may be of animal or vegetable origin, but the ratio of proteins to the rest of the food items is preferably at least 25-30%. >

Products that increase pressure

Finding a man who at least once in his life has not increased or lowered blood pressure, in our time is extremely difficult. “It does not matter what I feel, probably, the pressure jumps,” – we hear from the people around us almost daily. >

Menu for the week

We bring to your attention the menu for a week, which can become a kind of transition stage from the usual diet, with an abundance of semi-finished products, shop sauces, and fried foods to a regular, balanced diet. It’s not for everyone to change their habits drastically, so try to just change the ways of cooking the usual products and add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your menu.>

The most useful food products

The most-most useful food products are available to everyone, they can be bought at any supermarket and at any time of the year. But this does not mean that only these ten products will now “settle” in your refrigerator. Just do not forget about them, let them be present in your diet and benefit your body.

Healthy diet for weight loss

Any nutritionist will tell you that the processes of “irretrievable” weight loss start only when we come to a healthy diet, and do not experience all kinds of diets full of restrictions and prohibitions.

The cheapest products are good for the health

For some reason, it is considered that only the rich can afford to eat healthy food, and people with average incomes have to save on their health and choose foods not by their nutritional value, but by cost. KEDEM.R undertook to dispel this myth. We found a lot of useful products, which despite everything remain cheap.

Nutrition for school children

The question of the correct diet for school-age children excites all parents who care about the health of their offspring. Pocket money issued for “small expenses” is often spent on harmful delicacies, which means you need not only meticulously study the menu in the school cafeteria, but also make up a diet that will satisfy all the needs of the growing organism to the fullest.

Products that increase cholesterol

In the sea of ​​information pouring on our poor heads, sometimes it is very difficult to find the grain of truth … One of the such ambiguous topic is cholesterol and the problems associated with its excess level in the blood. Cholesterol scare irresponsible citizens who are overweight and not particularly eager to part with it. Some products are subjected to opal, then rehabilitate.

What foods contain calcium?

Our mothers, grandmothers, and even advertising, which is constantly shown on TV, say that the body of every person needs calcium. Indeed, calcium is an important element, without which our life is simply impossible.

Pressure reducing products

A significant place in the system of prevention and treatment of the problem is taken by foods that reduce the pressure, which directly affects chemical reactions and processes in the body and help keep the blood vessels in order.

Products increasing hemoglobin

If the hemoglobin content in the blood is somewhat below the norm, do not rush to the pharmacy and buy iron-containing medications, in this case, the products that raise hemoglobin will perfectly cope with the task of improving the parameters. If the picture is quite depressing, these products will be an excellent help in drug treatment.

Great post 2012. We eat fast and correctly

Fasting, even the longest and most severe, does not present any danger to health if during it eat right. Correctly – means differently, even if limiting yourself to animal food. Our ancestors were not dense “lapotniks”. They were much wiser than us. Official science has long recognized the fact that the constant use of products of animal origin can seriously damage health.

Sprouted grain

Since ancient times man has used germinated grain in his diet. The Indian Vedas and the Greek ancient scholar Hippocrates left us a mention of the medicinal properties of sprouts of germinated grains. >

What foods contain fiber

Every day, we all eat something, and most people are interested in the useful properties of food. So, everyone knows about the benefits of plant products, but most often talk about the high content of all kinds of vitamins and nutrients in them and rarely mention such an important element as fiber. Meanwhile, it has already been called one of the components of the recipe for longevity and an excellent tool for maintaining good health. >


It often happens that the new is a well-forgotten old. At the beginning of the 21st century, mankind turned its attention to the pylon (emmer or spelled), one of the first cereals in history, the ancestor of modern wheat, the history of which is more than 10 millennia. This wonderful cereal was almost forgotten, unable to withstand competition with wheat, which is more productive and easy to process. However, in terms of health benefits, poultry significantly exceeds all modern varieties of wheat. >

Benefits of tea

Benefits of tea

For the modern man who extracts products from the supermarket, the last condition is almost impossible, but there is one wonderful product that will help fill the missing substances – this is tea. >

Bran bread: health benefits

Bran bread: health benefits

It would seem that bread of better quality, peeled off from all excess flour and must be of superior quality, since long ago all the efforts of masters-bakers consisted in making bread “even more magnificent and whiter”. But no – studies that have been carried out in this area have shown that “tasty and beautiful” does not always mean “useful”. >

Products for Teeth

Where is the feminine charm hiding? What is the secret of attractiveness? What battles men on the spot? Beautiful smile. A beautiful smile is, above all, healthy and strong teeth. Some get it from nature, the rest have to work on themselves to achieve the desired result. >

The most useful cuisine in the world

Each of us sooner or later comes to the understanding that food should not only be tasty and satisfying but also useful. With a lack of knowledge in this area, there is a threat to immersing yourself in learning all sorts of food systems, food properties, and ingenious recipes, especially since in our information age this is available to everyone. But there is another way, safer and more pleasant – studying the principles of traditional cuisines. >

Green tea

This fresh Chinese green tea is sweet, fragrant, and very useful. We will tell you about the varieties of green tea, the best way to brew it, and the beneficial properties of this fine drink. >

Which products contain zinc

Until recently, the position of this microelement was shaky and ambiguous, scientists could not come to a common opinion, that zinc is useful or harmful, but modern researchers talk about the existence of a number of zinc-dependent enzymes involved in metabolic processes in our body. Therefore, it is worth taking into account the conclusions of scientists and understanding which products contain zinc.

Healthy Eating for Every Day

“Man is what he eats.” The ancient sages, as always, were right, and we can be sure of their correctness, looking at ourselves in the mirror and leafing through the volumes of our medical histories … Today it is fashionable to scold bad ecology, stresses, and the frantic pace of life, blaming them for our unhappiness, but the truth sooner or later everyone opens up … >

Vegetarian food pyramid

Vegetable food is an important element of a healthy lifestyle, but only if the diet is balanced. A rich variety of cereals, vegetables, fruits, berries, legumes, nuts, and seeds, even without the addition of dairy products contain all the components of a healthy diet.

Feeding during fasting

It is generally accepted that Lent is a feat, suffering, a test, a struggle against temptations, and not every person is able to endure 7 weeks on a scant ration. But why should food in the post be meager? This is fundamentally the wrong view. Although the goal of fasting is purification in all senses, it is not necessary to starve. Sufficiently more responsible approach to planning the diet.

What foods contain carbohydrates

About 50-60% of all energy received by the body, accounts for carbohydrates. Why is it important to know which foods contain carbohydrates? This information is important for those who watch their weight and want to stay healthy as long as possible.

Properties of tea

Tea has penetrated so deeply into our culture and cooking that many simply do not think of modern feasts without this tasty drink. Tea can be sweet, tart, strong, black and green, invigorating and relaxing, and can also be useful and not very good.

Natural antidepressants

Everyone knows the state when nothing in life is happy, everything is fed up, you do not want anything, and even the warm rays of the spring sun do not save. We are sad, nervous, and do not sleep well, that is, we are in a state of stress, from which we must somehow get out. In this, we will help with natural antidepressants. >

Benefits and harms of fats

All of us from the school lessons in biology remember that the normal life of the human body requires three components, three, so to speak, the pillars: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. And if the protein-carbohydrates are more or less clear, the fats cause an ambiguous reaction.

Useful properties of green tea

Green tea is recognized as the first of 10 products that promote health and longevity. Minimal processing of this type of tea preserves most vitamins, minerals, and other bioactive substances that affect all organs and systems of the human body. >

Nutrition for the brain

The brain can be called the central computer of our body, which controls the work of all organs of our body. Carrying out simultaneously a huge number of tasks of extreme importance, the brain requires timely and proper nutrition, the lack or lack of which can lead to rapid wear and even damage to brain cells.

Principles of healthy eating

Food products give a person energy, as well as the necessary substances for the development of the body and regulation of metabolism, so the food must be diverse, containing various products of animal and vegetable origin. Each product contains unique nutrients with its own spectrum of applications.

Avitaminosis: spring nutrition

Avitaminosis: spring nutrition

The lack of vitamins and sun rays leads to the fact that our body is weakened. And for the spring to give us only joy, with her arrival it is better to take up your health closely. >

How to build muscle mass

Against the background of general enthusiasm for diets aimed at reducing weight and getting rid of hated kilograms, the article on increasing the mass may seem a mockery. Nevertheless, there are people for whom the problem of weight gain is very urgent. These are bodybuilders (muscle mountains!), Heavyweight athletes, and people of asthenic build, eternal slender builds. >

Vitamins: the basis of life

Spring is a time when, at all costs, you need to find sources of vitamins and be beautiful and healthy. Most people get vitamins with food, less – from liquids, and a little more from the sun. >

Nutrition for eyesight

Proper, well-balanced nutrition is extremely important not only for the health of your body as a whole but also for the health of every organ in particular. Let’s stop today on one of the most important organs for the knowledge of the world – before our eyes.

Separate food

Separate food

Probably everyone heard about the principles of separate food. If in the circle of your friends there is not an avid supporter of this diet, then consider that you are lucky. Nobody will urge you not to “poison” your body, to demand to sweep the garnish from the plate on which the meat lies and look with horror at the sandwich consisting of “incompatible” products.

Useful Products - TOP 20

Useful Products – TOP 20

A balanced diet is the basis of health and longevity. And useful products TOP 20 is a list of those products that should appear on your table if not every day, then every week for sure.

Cooking for a couple

Cooking for a couple

Steaming is the oldest method of cooking. Even before we met fire, our ancestors had the opportunity to warm up and soften fish, roots and fruits on stones near hot springs. >

Power in autumn

Power in autumn

Do you notice how your appetite increases with the onset of a cold? I want all kinds of buns, meat with potatoes and many, many sweets … The clever organism begins instinctively to store fat “in reserve”. Well, how can he prove that we have warm clothing, and such supplies do not please us at all? To sit on a strict diet in the autumn, in any case, it is impossible, because any diet is necessarily deprivation and restrictions. >

How to lose weight without losing your appetite - 2

How to lose weight without losing your appetite – 2

A dozen new tips on weight loss and recovery. Surprisingly, showing very little attention to your diet, you can stop thinking about hateful diets and enjoy your favorite food, practically without limiting your desires. >

Feeding the baby: grow the child prodigy

Feeding the baby: grow the child prodigy

Undoubtedly, an intelligent child is a joy for parents. However, high intellectual abilities are not only innate qualities, they can also be developed. And an important role in the development of your child’s intellect is played by his nutrition. >

The Benefits of Seafood for Health

The Benefits of Seafood for Health

Fish and seafood are important components of a healthy diet. This will tell you about any modern nutritionist. Seafood contains high-quality protein and many important nutrients. At the same time, fish and seafood almost do not contain saturated fats and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. A well-balanced diet, including two or three fish dishes or seafood dishes, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by at least twofold. >

Proper nutrition is the main condition for a healthy lifestyle.

The satisfaction of hunger is one of the most important instincts of the body, as it guarantees the preservation of life. Therefore, from what we eat, to what quantity, when, and how, our life depends on all its manifestations and aspects.

Human nutrition is one of the most important factors directly affecting human health.
Improper nutrition leads to the disruption of the functions of both individual human organs and the organism as a whole. Harmful and inferior in composition food, and lack of food and its overabundance.

That is why nutrition should be paid attention to and make the necessary efforts to ensure that it is full!

Healthy proper nutrition is the intake into the body and the assimilation of those substances that are necessary to replenish the energy expended, build and restore tissues, and regulate the work of all organs and systems of the human body.

Pyramid of food (food pyramid)

A mathematical depiction of the basic principles of healthy nutrition can be seen by looking at the food pyramid, developed by foreign nutritionists and approved by Russian specialists. In the food pyramid are not specific products, but five large groups of products that allow you to diversify your diet and choose those foods that you prefer or are suitable for your lifestyle. Balance your diet, using the food pyramid is quite simple. Let’s look at the food pyramid in more detail.

At the bottom of the pyramid (at the bottom) are foods that the human diet should have the most and the higher to the top, the less appropriate products a person should consume.

Products in the food pyramid are conditionally divided into portions. The portion is a conditional value and can be equal, for example, 100 gr. or another value that is more convenient for you. The number of portions needed by a particular person depends on the age, gender, configuration, health status, and degree of activity of a particular person. Below is a food pyramid for the average person, not weakened by illnesses, and who is not engaged in heavy physical labor.

  • Fat, salt, sugar, and sweets (must be minimized)
  • Dairy products, yogurts, cheese (2-3 servings)
  • Meat products, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, nuts (2-3 servings)
  • Vegetables and fruits (5-9 servings)
  • Whole-grain foods (6-11 servings)

Whole-grain products

The basis of the food pyramid is food made from cereals. Whole-grain products include coarse bread, cereals, pasta from whole-grain flour, and brown rice. Also in this group in this food pyramid are vegetable fats ( olive, sunflower, and other oils).

Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are very useful for the human body. They are low-calorie and contain a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements, and also contain a large amount of water and fiber, which create a feeling of satiety.

Meat products, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts.

This group of products is also called protein-containing foods. It is desirable to give preference to fish, poultry meat, and beans. they contain less fat than other protein-containing products of animal origin. Legumes and nuts contain a lot of useful vitamins and microelements.

Dairy products, yogurts, cheese.

These products are also protein-containing and in the food, the pyramid stands on par with meat products, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts. Dairy products provide us with proteins, calcium, and other nutrients.

Fat, salt, sugar, sweets.

This group of foods in the diet of a healthy diet should be kept to a minimum, and the best is completely excluded from the diet of a person. This group of products also includes margarine, products from white flour (bread and pasta), sweets, and carbonated drinks.

Fundamentals of proper nutrition:

  • Try to maximally approximate your diet to the conventional food pyramid, which was mentioned above. That is, the main diet of healthy food should be vegetables, fruits, and cereals.
  • Try to eat only fresh foods. In extreme cases, you can prepare semi-finished products. Ready meals, sold in many stores and requiring only heating, should be excluded from the diet.
  • A healthy balanced diet means the use of all food groups. Therefore, try not to replace or exclude specific groups of products. It is just necessary to observe the proportions and diversify your diet.
  • If you need a snack – eat fruit, nuts, or dried fruits.
  • As often as possible include in the diet different types of cabbage (white, red, broccoli, color, Brussels, kohlrabi, savoy ). In addition to the basic useful properties of cabbage, scientists have proved that the use of cabbage significantly reduces the risk of oncological diseases.
  • If possible, eat low-fat foods.
  • Try to minimize the consumption of alcohol, sugar, and salt.
  • Remember that eaten food should be balanced by the appropriate physical load. At the base (the lowest part) of the food pyramid, developed by the Harvard School of Public Catering, is the use of liquids and physical activity.
  • Do not wait for the transition to a healthy diet of immediate results. Gradually you will notice that more energy has appeared, the sleep has recovered, you have become sick much less often and recovered faster, your weight has normalized, and many more pleasant moments.
  • If you find it difficult to assess your diet and switch to a balanced diet, then the notebook and pen will help you. During the week, write down everything that you eat and at the end of the week, you will be able to independently assess the situation and find out what foods prevail in your diet at the moment, and what foods should be added or excluded from the diet to balance your diet.



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