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What if Justin Bieber is elected as the President of the United States

The 2021 US off-year elections were held on December 2, 2020, in the large part around the United States and the tempting thing in all the confusing mess of elections was a surprise candidate for the US presidency. The world was in awe because the mysterious stranger who became the President of the United States in January 2021 was none other than Justin Bieber, a Canadian teenager, and a remarkable singer who has only briefly resided in the United States for some time and has absolutely no prior political experience. Republicans and Democrats were in a denial state as they would never think of a child running the country but people appreciated Beiber’s as the leader of the United States as the US nation after suffering from the wreak of older politicians approved children as the creature not babbling over with frustration, anxiety, and anger. In a stunning move, while Republicans were tinkering with the Constitution to amend it according to their own interests, Bieber came forward with his amazing election campaign. The best thing during all that confusing mess, Bieber always knew how to captivate an audience, draw a crowd, and get them all excited and mad. However, this just not only a dream that comes true over a night but was Beiber’s pre-planned strategy to enter the US political landscape. For the presidential official place to achieve, Bieber would need a party affiliation because neither Republicans nor Democrats claimed him. Therefore, he responded to them by forming his own political party, The Belieber Democratic Party, a memorable party name ever in the history of the US political landscape.

The Belieber Democratic Party

It is somehow believed that Bieber has drawn his party’s half name and beliefs from the Democratic Party as Bieber’s platform seeks to promote reforms and regulations the same as Democratic Party does. It may be because of the fact Justin Bieber does not have any political background or prior political knowledge as neither Democrats nor Republicans nor even any independent political party claimed him in the first place so he would not have any institute to look up to for his political training. He responded to both of the major political parties with his party’s name which can be debunked as the combination of two terms; Bieber and Believer. As per the beliefs of the party are concerned, his party promotes equal opportunity rights, social programs, and racial equality across all the states of the United States of America. Besides, the Belieber platform promotes safety regulations at the workplace, regulations against environmental pollution as America has largely suffered from the climate change patterns, and also reforms in the criminal justice system. Critics have claimed that his party has brought no distinctive reforms as the stereotypes of Republicans and Democrats already have not made things any better in the country. Despite all the concerns and critique, Justin Bieber is now the leader of the United States, and Belieber Democratic is the ruling party now.

Bieber’s Election Campaign

There is a famous saying “Behind every great man there is a great woman” and this perfectly comes into play in Bieber’s case. For his successful election campaign, he like other politicians would need his flame, his First Lady, Selena Gomez who advanced his status politically as she is an American national, a famous actress, and has had millions of excited followers. Her successful journey as a political and social activist as she is already passionate about social issues and philanthropy has also earned Bieber a vital status in American politics which helped him run his campaign. So, at the status of First Lady as a visible spokeswoman she has turned out to be the killer, classy, smart, and attractive force behind Bieber and therefore they both are able to put a non-American pop star into office. They both as a beloved couple and famous singers are America’s and Canada’s sweethearts and they have captured again both nations’ hearts through their social reforms and political party. So, she has played a significant role in securing Bieber the Latino vote as she has her roots in Latin America. One other reason that would have earned him the White House is surely his effective amendments to one of the controversial US legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (2010) as both major parties of the United States are failed to do anything in the healthcare sector and for the wellbeing of half of the middle-class unhealthy population of America. Therefore, he has presented universal legislation “Patient Protection Law 2021” for every human that is residing in any part of the United States.

Belieber’s Patient Protection Law 2021

Patient Protection Law presented by Belieber Democratic Party under the umbrella of its founder Justin Bieber summarizes the universal healthcare benefits for all the Americans equally which states that the federal government will bear all the expenses of care below $20,000. Bieber’s attempt to provide uniform healthcare facilities irrespective of color, race, nationality, or citizenship has earned him the respect and votes of the majority of inflation-cursed and debt-ridden Americans. Although 75% of Democrats and 56% of Republicans have supported the Act, the Belieber Democratic has made this law passed with 100% support as an opposition party. On contrary, Democrats and Republicans opposed the law under the argument that Americans would benefit from it without paying taxes or working to support this idea and the government. They argued that this law would encourage “freeloading” and therefore they claimed it unconstitutional. This law also prohibits insurance companies such as Medicaid and Medicare from charging different rates for different patients based on their health conditions and sex as the law requires universal healthcare for every “human.” Most importantly, I as his new domestic policy advisor was assigned to help him pass the Patient Protection Law 2021 and we as a prospective team have earned the privilege. Bieber is a stranger to America and a layman who has no knowledge of American legislation and political nuts and bolts. So, I have really worked hard to brief President Justin Bieber on the difficulties such proposal would face, our constitutional framework, specific actors, and the role of key institutions within the formal branches of government running the whole country as the back-stage forces.

Constitutional Framework of the United States

Justin Bieber as a stranger to American politics required to first understand the constitutional framework of the United States. Therefore, I debunked all three of the vital elements that make the constitution strong and unique which are the separation of powers, federalism, and checks and balances that the constitution is made up of.

Separation of Powers

To Bieber’s understanding, the Separation of Powers was explained to him in a simple language as the simple phenomenon in which the power of the government is split up so that not only one branch of government could get all of the sovereign power. Therefore, power is divided among the three national branches of the government; Judicial, Legislative, and Executive. In brief, separation of the powers is a subunit of federalism that implies the splitting up of the powers between regional and central governments.


Federalism is a government system in which federal and local governments through an electoral system work together to create laws and get them passed in the House of Representatives and Senate. The federal government makes laws and set guidelines the nation must abide by and the local government adds rules and regulations to that law further if they are constitutional. Besides, it is a government system that shares the separation of sovereign powers with fifty central and regional governments.

Checks and Balances

Checks and Balances as the name implies is a system under the constitutional framework of the government according to which each branch of government is checked by the other to bring balance among the three separations of powers. No particular branch of the government makes all of the decisions and therefore has no definite say. This system is to check and balance each institution so that no branch of the government could get out of control very quickly in an effort to avoid tyranny. It is to avoid that no one branch of the government will overpower the other in the system rather every branch would help the other in the system by being independent of the other such as the Judicial branch consists of the courts, the Legislative consists of the Congress, and the Executive consists of the President.

Key Actors within Formal Branches of US Government

As a policy advisor, the next task in order to get Patient Protection Law 2021 get passed was to brief President about the key actors within the formal branches of government who run the country in its entirety.


Congress as the most vital institution has two legislative chambers, the House of Representatives and the Senate that are specific to the legislative branch of the government. Therefore, Congress is called the bicameral law-making branch of the federal government of the United States. The House of Representatives is the lower and Senate is the upper chamber of Congress wherein the former chamber nation has the right to determine its representatives and in the latter chamber each state of the US has two representatives regardless of the population.


Bureaucracy is the branch of government comprising an administrative group of officials charged with policy implementation within the country who are non-elected. The policies are made by the other branches of the government concerned with the task and Bureaucrats are assigned to implementing those policies.


Courts under the umbrella of the Judicial branch of government have to review whether acts of the state governments, the legislative branch, President of the Executive branch are consistent with the state’s constitution or not. They also review whether the branches of a government strike down acts that oppose the mandate aspect of the Constitution and also make legal decisions and judgments.

Key Institutions behind US Economic and Social Policy

Here comes the brief pieces of information I have instructed President Bieber as his Policy Advisor about the key institutions behind the economic and social policy campaigns of the United States that are responsible for implementing policies and spreading the related guidance in the nation.

Political Parties

Political parties link the general public of each state with their endorsed political candidate through funding and several campaign activities to sell their manifestoes such as through meetings and rallies. I briefed President Bieber in a nutshell that political parties are actually a vehicle that helps a political candidate ride the power.

Interest Groups

An interest group is a committee formed by interest groups such as labor, business, etc. to raise money in order to make individual contributions to benefit a political candidate whom that interest group supports and therefore influences political decisions of each state. For instance, Bieber has had to represent the interest of the economy such as pharmaceutical industries, the general public such as clean water, healthcare, etc., or groups such as colleges to influence people on the state, local, and national levels.


Media is the vital institution a President like Justin Bieber who has not hailed from a political background must make strong ties with as it is instrumental in electoral campaigns. Political parties and interest groups acting as stakeholders in election campaigns direly need the Media to air their beliefs, meetings, campaigns, and programs. It influences elections as it has a great influence on all the three branches of government providing people an opportunity for political equality and deliberative democracy.

In conclusion, adhering to all what I advised President Justin Bieber along with the team effort from all the branches of government at the individual level about the policymaking helped Belieber Democratic Party to approve Patient Protection Act 2021 by both parliamentary houses. After its approval, it was sent to the Speaker who signed it and submitted it to the legislative committee president despite 40% of Democrats and Republicans being against this legislation. President approved the bill and furthered it to incorporate it into the books of national laws of the United States.



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