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What do you think of Emerson?


Emerson was considered a genius by many critics and philosophers of past and present, he lays emphasis on individualism and trusting one’s instincts; he wants people to believe in themselves. In fact, he encourages the thoughts of individualism and greatness in people. During his lifetime and at the time of his death, Emerson left an incredible influence on the minds of people. In his time, he was a major author and thinker who changed the face of philosophy. Although a number of his publications straddled some disciplines including literature, theology, philosophy, and education, scholars and critics have analyzed his work and connected it to American thought. (Emerson’S Beliefs Are Toward Conformity, 2017)

Emerson Work and Legacy

The writings Emerson did in his lifetime contain a wide range of approaches to their Spe fice study of understanding. However a large number of scholars and researchers have expressed their concerns about their knowledge of Emerson, and only a few of them have accepted all aspects of his work. This might make one think that Emerson was not sane and he provided a lot of invalid work to society; some critics even deny the identity of Emerson as a great poet of prose and poetry in history. But a vast amount of literature exists that attests to his influence over the modern young generation of philosophers and poets. (Emerson’s Reputation And Influence, 2017)

.Emerson is considered a legend in American history and literature; it is consequently difficult to discuss whether Emerson was a genius or not, his reputation as a poet generated mixed reactions among the critics. Some of them were entirely negative, but some of them were strongly positive. Most reviews about their work of Emerson were a combination of positive and negative mixes. Many researchers found its approach of Emerson as unsettling and radical. A lot of them were however moved and inspired by his idea of man’s place in the universe. (Emerson’s Reputation And Influence, 2017)

There is a ditch city found in his writing work, Brownson questioned the soundness of his logic in the following quote, “ He all but worships what his senses seem to present him, and yet is not certain that all that which his senses place out of him, is not after all the mere subjective laws of his being, existing only to the eye, not of a necessary, but of an irresistible Faith.”. (Emerson’S Beliefs Are Toward Conformity, 2017)

His work is simply considered remarkable by many and will always be considered remarkable who consider it mere moonshine and observe it as reverence. Emerson has a mind of a prophet, whoever reads his books and literature can not stay alive without feeling the meanings and beauty of creation prophetically defined by Emerson. But Osgood also looked at his work as work which is lacking conclusive logic in an argument. His certain religious idea and interpretation of nature are understandable by the philosophers to a greater or lesser degree of clarity. . (Emerson On Solitude, 2017)

The reviews of nature in the work of Emerson set the tone for critical reaction; his philosophical idealism and his religious views are sometimes considered vague, but his incredible ability to inspire others can never be ignored. He still looked like a few men who were genius in his age, and his books have kindled the thoughts of many.


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