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Webliography of the widely recognised websites ( is known as one of the renowned websites of the country when it comes to providing political information to the citizens of the country. This website aims to provide authentic political information and successfully enable people to differentiate between fake news and news based on reality. This website can be characterized as a nonprofit and non-partisan website. It provides its political news services with a focus on minimizing the aspects of deception and misconception in the case of the country’s politics.

This website is the project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, which was established by the Annenberg Foundation in 2003. The main focus of this website is to provide necessary guidance to the country’s citizens regarding the false claims made by different politicians and political parties. It provides its services of information with adequate scrutiny, ensuring the validity and reliability of any news. This website also introduces different significant features from time to time, which enhances its worth to readers. Ask FactCheck is one of its elements that allows website users to ask questions related to different controversial news, and this website answers the questions considering the truthfulness of the particular rumor.

The content provided by the website can be used for scholastic purposes as it delivers an indication of reality. The website’s main focus is to convey the authentic form of news information rather than rely on fake news. The credibility of the news can be observed through the number of awards associated with this particular website.  In 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014-2017, the website won the Webby Awards, which are known as the most prestigious awards related to the internet industry.

World Net Daily (

WND (World Net Daily) is another news website of the country that immensely impacts the viewpoints of the citizens of the country. It is known as one of the most influential and unconventional political websites in the country. Joseph Farah was the founder of this news and opinion forum which was established in 1997. This website provides information in the form of news, editorials, and different opinion columns. It also provides different forms of content referring to the other publications. Notably, this particular website started its services with the intention of providing necessary political information that identifies the elements of corruption and wrongdoings in the country’s political spectrum.

An opinion poll is a significant feature of this news website. This information provides commentary on the different prevailing political issues in the country. It can be rightly said that this news website influences people’s political opinions through the articles and the service of opinion forums. The authenticity and credibility of the content provided by this website are questionable as it involve different forms of controversies. This website adopts an aggressive approach to collect and deliver information as news to the readers. This particular aspect and the opinion articles published on the website sometimes become the reason for the misinformation.

It is crucial to mention that it is observed that the particular views and opinions conveyed by the website are mostly conservative. This specific feature immensely questions the unbiased feature in the case of the World Net Daily news website. The website’s content cannot always be considered rational as it supports one particular form of political ideology. ( can be considered another influential website that provides the necessary information regarding the country’s paradigm of legislation. It effectively explains the different features of the legislation of the U.S. Congress which can ultimately impact the citizens of the United States of America. Initially, this particular website of legislative perspective was established by Joshua Tauberer. It focuses on providing the people the necessary opportunity to learn about the different legislative bills passed by the country’s Congress. As the name of the website indicates it enables people of the country to track the different legislative bills and the members of the institution of the Congress in the country.

This website provides people with the necessary information about the overall legislative process and adequate knowledge about the country’s voting paradigm. The content provided by this website can be useful academically as it provides an effective form of knowledge regarding the overall aspect of the legislation that prevails in the country’s Congress. It thoroughly explains the features of the constitutional bill and how it becomes the law, which the country’s government later implements.

The content provided by the website can be characterized as the major form of the necessary information related to the facet of the Constitution. It provides the complete information regarding all the members of the Congress. It also effectively addresses the paradigms of bills and resolutions presented in Congress from time to time by the different members. Another interesting and valuable aspect of this particular website is that it provides the necessary recommendations for books that can help us understand the complex legislative system of the country further. ( is characterized as the country’s online database of Congress. It effectively provides complete information regarding the paradigm of the country’s legislation. It is the official online government library that provides the people with knowledge of the Constitution. It provides a timely indication of the functioning of the country’s Congress and how it performs its tasks related to forming legislation. Any form of law amendment can be successfully understood by grasping the necessary legislative knowledge provided by the government website of

This particular government website successfully apprehends and delivers information related to the different aspects of the constitution and legislation. Undoubtedly, this website addresses all the issues related to the country’s legislative scenario. It thoroughly explains the different bills and resolutions presented and discussed in the country’s Congress. Necessary information regarding different texts can also be observed on this website. It helps readers to get information regarding the changing features of the constitution of the country.

The particular content provided by the website can be effectively used for the academic purpose as contains the features of authenticity and validity. The provided information can be considered as a biased form of information as it is documented and provided by government organizations. It is entirely based on the different facts and figures related to the primary pillar of the overall political structure of the country. The website of successfully provides an advanced form of information to its users. It provides an effective opportunity for website users to observe the prospects of Congress communication related to the legislative process. It helps users of the website to make inferences about the country’s legislative process with reference to the facts.

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