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Weakness of Internet Security

Internet users should identify weaknesses of internet security in their information system security and outlined areas where they are most prone to be hacked. Weaknesses of internet security can be classified as internal factors that affect the security of the internet.  Mostly weakness of internet security originates from the violations of security information system by employees. For the past twenty years, information system theft by the employee has been evidenced in many companies, and institution others have been able to transfer faulty information protocols.  This has been achieved since most employees are trusted and able to access most of the firm credentials logins whom whoever turns to be opposite. Furthermore, inadequate capital to fund internet security system has become a significant weakness of internet security. For example, most corporations are unable to purchase privacy and security tools which offers maximum protection security while connected to the internet. Despite this, they usually opt to buy relatively cheap and mostly free security tools, i.e., antivirus software such as Kaspersky internet antivirus that is expensive. Besides, with inadequate capital corporations are unable to hire skilled technicians to monitor and ensure maximum security of the internet and properly fix any attack discovered.

  • Internet security opportunities

In accordance to, opportunities can be described as few hanging fruits which cannot be afforded to take any advantage.  Software developers have been releasing new internet security systems and tools on the market. For example, software developers have developed cloud computing. Through cloud computing, corporations and business can store data and can be accessed by when it is required.  This helps the business from the burden of having a server to store their data hence information is stored and backed up in secure storage outside the company. Nevertheless, the saved capital can be used in facilitating other internet security measures.

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  • Internet security threats

Threats can be described as external attacks on the company or business. Mostly are hackers’ attacks and other malicious programs such as a virus, worms, and scams among others. Therefore, this implies that companies, institutions, government and business that are highly targeted by hackers should always be prepared by having a well-established security system to counter against these cyber-attacks from the access of vital confidential information.

Evaluation of the current ethical and legal concerns surrounding internet security

Most of the ethical issues surrounding internet security involve privacy. For examples is it right to read private, confidential emails from other connected network users because you can access them? Is it worthy for any employer to obtain private information of an employee such as private emails as a way of ensuring no any confidential information of the organization is disclosed as a means of security in the organization? Besides, is it ok for an employer to access private employee emails and read them as a way of monitoring that all rules and regulations of the organization are adhered to? Also, if the employers go through their employee emails is it necessary to disclose their employee information or not? These remains ethical issues between the employee and employers and the actions they will take either before or after an act.

Furthermore, is it secure for any online user connected to the internet to provide keyloggers on computers as a means of accessing and obtaining whatever the user types? Also, is it worth to examine websites which your other network users have visited and monitor their internet usage?

On another hand of legal concerns, an organization may have legal rules and regulations that allow employers to monitor and access private employee emails and also examining the visited websites by the employee. This will be a means of ensuring no any organization information is leaked outside or disclosed.

Improvements of internet security over the last two years

Over the previous two years, there has been increasing in internet security, for example, the  International Business Machines corporations (IBM) has reported that they have improved internet security forces to the extent that hackers and cybercriminals have been forced to change their hacking tactics. Also, the report carried out in 2011 by IBM X force shows that there has been 50% decline in the spread of email spam as compared to the previous years 2010 and 2009. This has been enhanced through the development of sophisticated, high-quality software.

Suggestion for improvement of internet security based on the current internet security issues.

Governments, institution, and companies should be able to create robust information security systems that should follow all procedures as outlined in the System Development Life Cycle without omitting or ignoring any steps. The internet security system should be ensured it is sufficiently comprehensive. Besides, verified data must be encrypted for example sending information that is confidential through the internet like credit card details, passwords, and usernames.  Individuals prone to internet attack threats should ensure all computers’ software and operating systems are up to date. This is because most of the updates released are primarily developed for handling security issues.

 Future prediction of internet security

There have been many questions concerning the future predictions of internet security. For example, what may happen with increasing technology against increasing cybercrimes activities? Hackers are growing at a rapid speed with high skills of accessing, manipulating and corrupting data.  Besides the technology is developing at high rate hence increasing more users of the internet. This implies the number of DDOS attacks will increase in future days. Other predictions are organizations will be at high risk to attacks by hackers, and political campaigns propaganda will spread through the technique of try and test. Also, there will be a high rate of ransomware model in businesses and organizations together with the increase in scams. Furthermore, cybercriminals will use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out their hacking activities.


For successful internet security of any system, i.e., government, education, business, home, or networking layers should be protected by developing a security layer for each layer. These security layers include operational security, physical security, network security, personal security and communications security. Measures taken to develop the security system must ensure all critical areas are covered for example authenticity, integrity, utility, confidentiality, availability, and possession. Furthermore, all elements and components of data and information system must be adequately protected from any attack



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