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Visual Analysis of an Art Piece

The selected art piece is quite complicated, and the artist used very fewer colors to portray his imagination. The art piece is based on the depiction of a room, and the artist used light gray paint color to show the walls of the room. The strokes of the artist are impressive, but the alignment of the piece is very different. A tiny room in which a table is placed in the middle of the room, and there is hardly any other space left in the room. Merely the room is covered by the table that is placed in the middle of the room.

One lamp is available in the room that is placed in the middle of the table. But no light is available as the artist used the depiction of the piece by using different simple colors. One bulb is hanging from the lamp which is very clear in the picture. In the room, there is no door but one small window that is available on one side of the table. The main object of the piece is the table, whereas the artist used the depiction of a female who is sitting near the table. The window is available exactly back side of the woman.

The main object that is used by the artist in the painting is the depiction of a woman. Artists did not portray the body features of the woman, and it is quite challenging to find out that it’s a woman who is sitting near the table. Another perspective that is used by the artist is that most parts of the body of the woman are covered with a black shadow. The appearance of the black shadow is linked with the window as the shadow came from the window and held the woman from the backside.

The complete picture is representing the oppression of women that is available in most societies of the world. It is depicting that something in the form of a black shadow holding a woman so that she could not move and could not do anything of her own will. The painting is representing the biased aspects of gender roles in societies. The shadow is representing the oppression, inequality, no right to the decision-making process, and several other aspects that are faced by women in most societies of the world today. It could be described as a picture is depicting the patriarchal system in which women are oppressed and all the power is linked to the men of the society.

In this system, women are not allowed to take any family decisions, and the men of the communities decide their responsibilities. In this system, women are not allowed to enjoy equal rights, and there is no liberty available to them in the communities. Also, women are not allowed to talk about empowerment and are not allowed to take part in the workforce. In this system, the head of the family, the decision maker, the best professional positions in the societies, and the best posts of employers all are linked with men and given to them. The painting is depicting these all scenarios as the woman in the painting is shown as oppressed by the shadow and there is no liberty provided to her. She is not able to move as she is just like a bird in a cage. The artist depicted the inequality measures of the societies that are used against the rights of women. This piece of art is great as it includes simplicity and complexity at the same time.



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