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Villas in North Cyprus

A luxury villa in Northern Cyprus is not a sky-high dream. Developers offer installments, loans, delivery of objects at the stage of construction, which allows you to draw up an optimal payment plan. Investing in real estate is an opportunity for a holiday abroad, a solid rental income not only in the holiday season, but also in the winter.

Real estate transactions in the state are as simple as possible, reliable, and transparent. When deciding to buy a house, the owner receives the right to legal residents of countries (residence permit), the prospect of citizenship, and visa-free entry into the TRNC.

Architecture and features of the villas

The island real estate market includes houses located on the seashore in a mountainous area. Each option makes it possible to contemplate beauty, breathe clean air, enjoy privacy, and improve well-being. The objects are completely ready for living, and additional costs for repairs are not required. Move-in is possible immediately after buying a house.

Villa options:

  • small, for 3-4 rooms with a land plot of 500-600 sq.m.;
  • spacious five-, six-room housing;
  • Exclusive complexes with many bedrooms and recreational areas.

All villas in North Cyprus have common architectural elements: a private patio from which you can get inside the house, a spacious living room, a dining room, and frontal columns. A garden with citrus trees, a lawn with fragrant herbs, a flower garden, a barbecue area, and a swimming pool are being developed on the site. A water tank is optional but a prestigious attribute. The building is always more than one floor, which allows for more rational use of the site.

Since ancient times, villas here were built of natural stone. The material is still in use today. The construction combines ancient and modern concepts: an abundance of air spaces, panoramic windows, and technological solutions for a smart home.

The area of the villas is on average 200-400 m2. There are not many objects in a larger area, since huge houses are expensive to maintain and most of the time families spend not inside, but in the open air.

Contact Prime Pro Investment if you are interested in buying a villa in Kyrenia, Famagusta, Nicosia, Iskele, Esentepe or other cities of the TRNC. Professional participation in the transaction protects against scammers, guarantees the best terms of the transaction. It’s fast, convenient, efficient: you will receive an exclusive selection of current offers. Our specialists accompany transactions to the final stage, help to adapt in the country after buying real estate in Northern Cyprus.



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