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Veterans are a blessing if they are found in any society. As they have served their lives for the nation. Time people spent in enjoyment is the time that Veterans spent sacrificing for their homeland. So to look after their health should be our ultimate desire. The health of Veterans is significant, and it should be in the mind of every nation that if they need to be successful, they need to respect their Veterans. Mostly if we see the social health issues of Veterans are not resolved, in fact, they suffer while going in older ages. Sometimes they face issues regarding behavioral health. Many times it is seen that they get the appointments and spend months in wait for those dates, such delays may lead to the extension of diseases in them. e.g. If a Veteran faces a vascular issue and his appointment is delayed. This may result in some serious blockage that cannot be sought out later. As a consequence of this is that part of the body may be cut from the body. Such type of injuries that cannot be seen with the naked eye or are not visible is known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder written in short as PTSD. This may lead to tension and sorrow. Like if a leg of a Veteran is dislocated from a body. He will surely be tensed. This pressure will result in suicide. Such cases are seen in the World. Mostly when they are not dealt with well, they think they cannot be well. Thus they believe that life is of no use to them.

Best people of the nation are once selected to serve the country. As they are the best, they served a lot of the country. Thus it is their first right of them to get the best medical facilities. Once best for the nation is very important for the country. They do many extraordinary tasks and the best things. These are the tasks that no ordinary man can even think to do. Thus if they have served such, it is their right to get the best facility when they need it. Armed forces officers are selected for the commission like they picked the best person among all. In some countries, people to decide had such a mindset that they choose the best person. The best person to whom they can give the hand of their daughter. When they think someone best up to that criteria only then do they select him. So such people are said as the cream of society. Such a cream of society in its life after retirement deserves the best medical facilities. Even if one says, they deserve more it is not wrong. They had served the country for the whole of their life in reward of that if they ask for a medical facility it is the right of that armed force retired person.

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Some questions come to our mind while writing on issues of veterans.
Why are these medical services so essential for veterans? How can we improve their conditions such that fewer problems are seen in former combatants?
The answer to these questions is that, yes these medical services are essential for veterans they are also human. While serving the country most of them face any injury, some face diseases some lose any body part in any war. Thus they are medical patients for the rest of their life. As long as not retired, they use government facilities. But when retired they are old weak issues in the body increase; some problems may come due to old age. Thus one can say medical services are very essential for veterans. Conditions of them can be improved by giving them trust, making them proud, and taking them as members of our society. We should not point them individually. Thus it can increase their output physically and mentally also. They should be realized that society takes care of them. It should be made clear that all medical facilities will be provided to them at any cost. Proper care should be given to them.

If we see the mental health of people, we will see that the mental health of veterans is feeble in comparison to others. The suicide rate in veterans is very high as compare to others. An American website had done the research, and as a result, approximately 43 thousand people had committed suicide each year. Out of them, nearly 22% are veterans. Many such authorities say that all facilities are provided to veterans. But in reality, fewer services are provided. Many reasons are seen due to which they didn’t get the proper facilities. Veterans suffering from PSTD-like issues are not mostly dealt with appropriately. So such people are seen doing suicide more as compared to the rest of the individuals. As their appointments are more waiting thus, they suffer more and such depression leads them to death. Some live far away from doctors. They are at places where it takes many hours to come to the physician. Thus hesitate in coming. So their condition of them gets worse. This leads to depression. This depression may lead them to death. This condition occurs at a time when no one takes care of the veterans. They feel hopeless. This situation is dangerous for any person. Americans need to find out a way for the veterans. A rule should be defined for them and policies should be made. Such policies should be implemented. This is the only way by which suicides can be stopped, inexperienced people. Otherwise, it is dangerous for youth to see them joining the armed forces. It is a full stop to the future of the best people of the nation.

Mainly to overcome all this a campaign should be launched on national and international levels. Each person should be given proper education and told that these are the ways that can be worked and done to be successful in society. The significant role is here of stakeholders. Stakeholders need to take their part. Without stakeholders, just authorities can just make promises, but nothing can be done on the ground base level. American officials are the ones who are not even liked in their own country. How they can try to educate people when they had no respect in their hearts? American societies should be given funds, and the system should maintain appropriate checks and balances. If this is done with pure heart, there is no way that we see a significant change in the suicides seen among veterans. They are also humans, when are not dealt with appropriately, left all alone, or not guided properly they will think that this is what they are getting back in reward for all of their services. Thus they will be in depression for sure. This depression can lead a normal person to death. Thus to get the best facilities is the right of an army person.

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A report was published that tells us that $200 million was spent on 100 veterans’ deaths. Instead, if this money is devoted to giving facilities to them, no such issues can be seen in society. Stakeholders should remain private as private firms and try to find out ways to give the veterans on an individual basis by this way they can receive proper treatment, and in this way only we can decrease the rate of suicides in society. Stakeholders should come up with real plans they should make private clinics and arrange individual doctors to arrange treatments for all people, but in such places, veterans are checked and dealt with quickly and in an emergency. By coming up with such things, we can bring the factor of trust and pride among the veterans. This factor is when present among the veterans we may see a proper change in feelings and stance of former combatants. The death ratio or suicide due to depression may also be less than.

This is the only issue that can be used to give proper facilities and respect to veterans. We should not point out veterans individually. They should be given equal rights and respect for ordinary people. They should be allowed to get medical facilities from private doctors also. Sometimes as they live in faraway areas where it is complicated for them to get regular services on time. As government doctors are not always present in some places which are far away from cities. For this budget, the issue is another fundamental issue for veterans if they are to check in private firms. Thus government and stakeholders should think to pay the private doctors and fields for the veterans.

Special tours should be made in the far apart areas. If we see armed forces people are mostly from far away areas instead of the cities. So when they retired they go back to their homelands. Thus a particular team should be made who may go on proper tours to check in such areas. Mostly in our society, such facilities are in cities where some veterans are. Instead, these services should be provided in far away areas. Every main town and its surroundings should have its team. That team should be responsible for looking after the veterans. A Proper system to see their results and their outcomes should be on the record. Such teams should be awarded and penalized after seeing the individual results. If such strict measures are taken only then, can be able to solve these issues. People are given trust and seeing such teams working efficiently trust of local veterans can be brought back to medical facilities. When trust is paid back most of the depression of the people is finished. It is the game of trust. If faith is brought in people all is well while in the other case all of your hard work can go in vain. When veterans feel trust in the medical facilities, 20% of depression ends. While in normal nowadays they are depressed as they think they can never get medical services. That may add extra tension to them.

So one can say that veterans should be given full confidence instead of being ignored. They should be reminded of all the sacrifices they had made for the country and said it is their right to get the proper facilities. As they are the best people in society, so they needed to be given confidence and asked to avail of all medical services. If they avail all medical services, it is damn sure that we will see healthy veteran people. Don’t ever make them feel that they are away or not in society. Always get them to feel that they are our society. Veterans are people with the best qualities to serve a country. They had spent most of their lives dealing with international issues thus they can find out ways to solve many problems and get people to one point of view easily. They had the ability to lead. They had served the people. Thus they should be given confidence and told that they could control the people very quickly. As they had once served the country thus, they should get a full hand. Their good works and hardships should be praised. This is the only way in which we can have them happy, and by this only they will be seen as happy. The rate of suicide will also be less in society.
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To sum up, if veterans are respected country will be fortunate because the nations who recognize their legends can go forward very quickly. While if veterans are not dealt with properly trend of people coming into the forces will decrease. This will bring less qualified people into the forces. Thus less qualified people will affect the advancement of a country in a positive aspect. These Soldiers have spent life just for the happiness of we people thus they should be respected. Ordinary citizens don’t even know where they have spent their life in their country. Sometimes they lose some of their body parts fighting for their country. The rest of their whole life is spent without that part. So these soldiers should be respected. Veterans should be recognized. As they have done for the country that ordinary people can’t even think. For all these hardships seen and faced in life, it is right of a veteran to enjoy his later life or at least to be given many facilities.




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