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Versions of Love and cherishing relationships

Thesis Statement

There are many versions of love in our lives, struggling relationships and broken hearts lead to depression; choosing your friends and life partners is a matter of serious planning. We can cherish our relationships by honouring and respecting them to find, true happiness and peace.


Life is an amazing journey full of happy and sad experiences. The world is not a paradise; it is a place where we laugh, learn, love, hate, cry, cherish, and destroy our relationships with our families and friends. Being a billionaire never makes anyone truly satisfied or happy; our marriages slip into crisis because we do not want to work hard enough to keep them at the optimum level. The result is a failure or broken marriage which plants the seed of grief and sadness in the hearts of couples. I have also been through this bitterness and learned an important lesson from my life after my failed marriage.

I never wanted to divorce my wife; I feel this has been the biggest loss of my life. I did not take my marriage for granted, but I could not understand the complex nature of this beautiful relationship between husband and wife. We were happily married for one year and three months; we started our lives with promises and cheers. But it all ended up in a loveless relationship; without maturity, we decided to part ways. I regret my decision to divorce and want to share what I have learned from this mishap. This was the turning point when I transformed emotionally and became more generous, appreciative, and happy than ever before. Now, I can see my divorce as a springboard for better things in my future.

Lessons I Learned From My Failed Marriage

The following lessons I have learned will help me not to stage anymore with my future marriage and family life.

  • A relationship survives with care. I had confidence in my wife, but it began to shatter slowly and turn into a misplaced confidence. I began to see that the woman I married was not the same woman after a year; people change with age and environment, and the need of the time is to get to know their inner feelings so that I can live with them well. I have learned that I was not interested in caring for my wife’s inner feelings, and she slipped away further from me. Of course, I will not repeat that mistake next time.
  • Money brings luxuries, but I don’t bring happiness and lasting peace. I have learned from my broken marriage that I needed to give more time to my relationship with my loved ones. I was too caught up in business deals and making money. I have read numerous psychology books; they revealed to me the ingredients of happy relationships and the relationship of money in our lives. Money brings material gifts our loved ones cherish, but if they do not have a companion to enjoy all the blessings, they get lost or find someone else to satisfy their emotional needs. I now breathe through discomfort to remember how I put money first and relationships second. It made me tense, and I finally fell apart. The trauma I gave my wife was a painful experience of abandonment, which I could see from her body language.
  • Successful relationships with loved ones need a more holistic approach, God’s true gift is the love and affection of your family and friends who care for you in every adversity. My journey of having a loving family and parents made me proud, I was a straight-A student but had no skill to win the trust of my wife. She trusted her dog more than her husband as I was frequently away from her with other women outside. Now I realize that it destroyed her current faith in me. My attitude made me fearful and lonely; I’m sure I will never become such a harsh husband again.
  • My research on relationships and psychology made me understand that relationships flourish with gratitude, attention, and generosity which I lacked in my character. My family business was my priority and often stood in the way of my relationship with my spouse. I hardly took her shopping or movies on weekends; God gave me a soulmate with a golden heart and I could not understand the meaning of love in life. Now, I believe in love and see myself as a better man. When you learn to appreciate a woman with generosity, she brilliantly returns the favour. This lesson has transformed my values and beliefs about the precious relationship between husband and wife.
  • If you want to send a hugely positive message to your loved ones and save your damaging relationships, take responsibility for your relationship’s longevity. Do not nag your spouse when she leaves dirty dishes in the sink, try to agree with her decision to avoid fighting and arguing. The ego is the relationship killer that stops you from responding positively to any communication problems; reacting angrily to your spouse is never going to a strengthened relationship with her. This lesson will surely boost my love life in the future.


I have learned from my dilemma that if you cannot always change your circumstances, you can change your response or attitude towards them. I have concluded from this bitter experience that when a man or woman learns to appreciate each other, their relationship becomes fruitful. A loving family is a blessing that should be taken seriously, and the relationship is worth fighting for.


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