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As a healthcare administrator the value of empathy means to me a lot, I consider it for my future career as a healthcare administrator and believe that empathy is the ability to put yourself in the place of another person and understand his thoughts and feelings. I as a healthcare administrator with empathy am a person who has the ability to resonate on different levels with other people and I can accurately feel their emotional well-being. In this paper, empathy is considered as an important quality of the healthcare administrator in his professional activity. The problem of empathy as a stable personal characteristic, and its dependence on the experience and specialization of a healthcare administrator is discussed. Based on the author’s research, the degree of manifestation of empathy among students of a healthcare university was studied.

Man is the highest value of all the values of the world – this is the principle of humanism, an important principle of healthcare deontology. One of the most important tasks of modern healthcare is the provision of the somatic and psycho-emotional well-being of a person. The degree of formation and development of the physician’s personality are the most important factors determining the patient’s recovery.

It is not yet known how this ability evolved in empathy, but many believe that it is congenital and transmitted through DNA. I believe everything in the world resonates with electrical energy. I believe that empathy is able to sense the changes that occur in the electrical energy around them.

As a rule, empaths are perceived as people who are not indifferent to the feelings of others; they are responsive, caring, sensitive, and merciful souls. Therefore, I probably will be surprised to learn that empathy has a dark side. Many people are waiting for empathic support and guidance. This also means that empaths see the world far more things than others do. I may think that empathy is well-versed in emotions and therefore is easily able to cope with. Empathy makes me so keenly aware of other people’s emotions, especially sadness, that sometimes they can become depressed under their influence. I have observed from my personal life experience that people find it difficult to distinguish their own emotions from the emotions of other people and find empathy with which they could share their thoughts.

Professional healthcare activity has a number of specific features and its success is determined not only by professional knowledge and skills but also by the ability to realize them in its activities through the development of professional qualities of the individual. One of the important personal-professional qualities of the healthcare administrator is the ability to empathize and perceive the sensory states of the other, that is, the ability to empathy, as well as the availability of skills for establishing adequate and emotionally-favorable relations with patients, the ability to analyze their behavior and behavior of others, ethics, the presence of deep intuition.

I believe that for my future career growth empathy is the awareness of the emotional state of another person and the demonstration of this awareness. For example, when a healthcare administrator and a patient talk, manifesting empathy means understanding the words, emotions, and gestures of the patient, and the patient’s belief that the healthcare administrator understands his unrest. Thus, the healthcare administrator should place the patient to him, so that he can more freely express his problem for further correct diagnosis and drawing up a treatment plan by a specialist. The healthcare administrator’s work is characterized by constant emotional interaction with a large number of people (patients and their relatives, middle and junior healthcare personnel) and responsibility for the patient’s well-being. The ability to empathize, communicate, and balance are considered important aspects of a healthcare administrator’s professionalism. Since the healthcare administrator is often exposed to stressful situations, already at the university it is necessary to learn a special method of communication, to be able to restrain one’s own emotions.

Understanding by the healthcare administrator of the specific mental state of the patient, and his personal warehouse is considered to be an important factor that can improve the quality of the healthcare care provided and achieve compliance of patients.



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