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Vaccinations play important role in the economic growth of a country

Health plays a significant role in making a state powerful and flourishing. Vaccinations play a significant role in potentially improving the health of the population. Whenever a pandemic hits any country, they suffer massive economic crises along with health catastrophes. Only a healthy individual will contribute to the economic growth and accomplishments of the country. Therefore, it can be said that vaccinations play a noteworthy role in improving the economic growth of a country.

According to recent research studies, vaccinations help health care systems to reduce mortality and morbidity which increases the gross domestic product of the countries. The research study proposed that a five year improvement in life expectancy can contribute to 0.5 % annual growth. (Valuing Vaccination | PNAS, n.d.). There are many types of vaccinations that contribute to the healthy population of any country in a long run. Especially, childhood vaccination programs are one of the significant steps taken by the health care system to prevent the youth from fatal diseases, infections, and permanent/ temporary ailments. Childhood vaccination programs provide rapid progress in the cognitive abilities, physical abilities, and educational achievements through improved health of children. Healthy children actively participate in achieving their academic goals and become productive adults. When these healthy children become productive adults, they contribute to the economic prosperity of their country. According to the “Harvard School of Public Health study”, vaccination programs improve the economies of the World deprived countries by yielding an 18% rate of return by 2020 (Vaccines Boost Economic Growth in Poorest Countries, n.d.).

In a nutshell, countries should invest more in vaccination programs to provide economic progress and a healthy population of the country. In the modern era, investment in vaccination programs provides positive consequences for the health care sector. Furthermore, vaccination facilitates the country to act upon long-term economic planning and growth.


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