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Understanding of Transgender and their Social Status

Transgender, is a biological disorder that comes in regular humans where people have characteristics of both male and female. These people have different kinds of gender identities which are sometimes known to us as transsexuals while the world is now got too vast, and they can change into one sex of their desire. Also in normal world terms, they are known as the third gender which is not much respectful, but yes they are having less acceptability by society yet even they have to face discrimination in their education, and they are unable to achieve good jobs (Miller, 2012).

While it is known to me but something new that I learn after making reading and watching videos is that in India and Pakistan countries which lie in south Asia their transgender are exploited, and there is no recognition of them properly at the level of society and government while Pakistan provides them with National Identity card with their gender statement. There is something which is important and I see they are even thrown out of their house when they get recognized by their parents. They give them to the transgender community, and there is a Guru (head) of each city, and they arrange their living and give them everything to develop them well.

Also, their profession mostly is dancing and begging because they are the things which help them to have their earnings. Also, they have been involved in sexual activities that nominal income people take up with them because they are at a reasonable

e price. While family members do not feel good for them because they cannot belabour, they are unaccepted by society, and they are not provided with a social role. But somehow they manage they’re in developed countries well in south Asian countries like Pakistan and India we can see the worst situation which gives conclusion parents even don’t consider them as their child(Gelbart, 2017).


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