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Uncharted Constellations series of Jane Yudelman’s photography

Nature put forwards innumerable views and a bundle of great photographs that are being waiting to be captured every day and everywhere, however one cannot find them easily. It requires the tenacity of a hunter, along with the vision of an artist, to confine a great natural photograph that not only arrests the beauty in it but also induces a sense of mystery and wonder. I am highly captivated and impressed by the photography skills of Jane Yudelman as she captures those environments and scenes that are viewed seldom and then presents them in a mesmerizing way.

Jane was born in South Africa but grew up in England. She now spends her time mostly in Maine and Massachusetts. She has worked in poverty alleviation plans around the globe for several years as a profession. However, she later turned to photography in order to realize the magnificence and beauty that lie in the economic, political, and social ambiance of the world. Her captured photographs mainly spotlight the discoveries in abstract expressions of the beautiful scenes in the world of nature: tiny ice patches flowing in tidal pools and water surfaces. Several exhibitions were held in galleries throughout the United States to display the artistic skills of Yudelman, and she has been awarded many awards during her career. Jane’s images are usually found in private collections in Europe and the United States, as well as in corporate collections in Maine.

Despite that, her main focus has always been nature, but she has branched off her work in different portfolios. She has worked on several genres of nature and captured numerous amazing photographs in each portfolio. Her main portfolios are:

  • The measure of Light
  • Intervals
  • Uncharted Constellations
  • Frozen Light
  • Flow
  • Adagio
  • Route 1
  • Wave

Jane wonders about the ways in which the human mind shapes the natural topographical features of the earth and divides them into categories like “sky” or “sea” and tries to explore the possibility of seeing beyond such boundaries made by minds. To find the answers to her curiosities, she worked on her portfolio, “The Measure of Light,” and pursued her visualization of a vast pasture of pure light. She achieved this of her vision by de-focusing the lens of the camera to create a soft gaze that alters the sharp mind-made boundaries and makes them look a flawless transition of colors.

In her series, “Uncharted Constellations,” she has transformed the luminous day-lit snow’s highlight, found in Northern Maine, into a fantastic star-filled nightscape. These photographs not only display the real night skies but also look like other-worldly skies. This portfolio depicts a meditation on the night skies’ secrecy and also portrays the fluidity of the never-ending wonders of stars. She has utilized the process of digital photography in order to create pictures that transport one far from the shining snow to another nocturnal world.

Yudelman has strongly captured the variations of the ice’s texture and all the colors and shapes found underneath. The ice becomes luminous, blooms, and throws color in a unique way when the temperature, light, and terrain coincide rightly, which contains a hunch of sadness by showing a vague image of the climate changes. So, in her portfolio, “Frozen Light,” she successfully captured such illumination.

Jane used photography as a means of exploring the miniature and diminutive features of this planet Earth and focused on confining the elements and constituents of the abstract in the natural world. She claims to spend hours and hours comprehending the natural light, textures, colors, motions, and shapes in a defined region. It is due to her nature of intimate discovery that she identifies the abstract qualities and subject matters to be emphasized. She always blurred the line between painting and photography during her creation of the photographs.

Owing to my interest in natural panoramic beauty and landscapes, I am obsessed with her explorations and the dramatic color transitions. She simplifies the compositions so the viewer can focus and highlight the most significant subject in the picture. Her work with natural landscapes and her attempts to illustrate abstract, reminiscent scenes as a design or motif and give a pattern to the concept of imagined and fantasy regions have developed my interest in her pictures.

As I enjoy capturing candid moments in my own photographs, Jane’s notion of confining the rare natural scenes into the camera lens further draws my attention to her work. She used her photography skills as a means of documenting the world as a whole and captured the images that had driven attention to those directions that other photographers overlooked. This exploration and discovery of the missed natural elements helped me to engage more deeply in her photography, and I realized that she is my ultimate inspiration for addressing my curiosity regarding the contents of the unexplored world and self-expression.

Jane Yudelman is a remarkable photographer, with all her focal points being the glowing natural constituents that throw light and colors in one way or the other. I am highly impressed by her expertise in the field and also the way she has portrayed the world of light. I am tempted and obsessed by Jane’s ability to gather the light coming out from several objects in this natural world and captivate it in a tiny lens to expand the picture to a precise and detailed rendering and depiction of nature.



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