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types of sexual deviance


Sexual deviance is also known as paraphilia, an unnatural sexual behavior that is odd in a society. It is called sexual deviance or sexual disorder, which is an odd way to fulfill your needs that is socially immoral.

There are ten main types of sexual deviance:


Exhibitionism is a gay or lesbian who does not mind showing his sex organs to other people who do not want them.


It is another type of sexual deviance, in this type people achieve their sexual satisfaction by using of immoral things like women clothing, tissue papers or other such things.


In this type people who are sexual deviance rubbed or touch his sexual organs with others who do not want. This behavior mostly occurs in busy, crowded places like bus stops.


This is another type of sexual deviance in which most teenagers are involved. Pedophilia people are attracted to boys or girls, and they are more interested in boys.

Sexual Masochism

This is another type of sexual deviance. Masochism is a term used for sexual disorders. Masochism is the only sexual deviance that is practiced by women.

Sexual Sadism

In this stage, victims achieve their sexual gratification by hurting other people.

Transvestic Fetishism

This is another type of sexual deviance in which a victim is unhappy with their original gender and then, with hormonal therapy or sex change operations, changes their gender.


Voyeurism is a paraphilia in which a person finds sexual pleasure by watching immoral videos or naked pictures or having sex. These disorders mainly occur in males.


This type describes sexual feelings or behavior in which domestic animals are involved, like dogs, goats & sheep, etc.


This type describes the sexual feeling in which the body is involved.

Analyze whether sexual deviance may derive from psychological or biological issues.

There are different views of scientists about sexual deviance, whether it is a psychological or biological issue. There is one school of thought which argues that sexual deviance is a psychological issue, while on the other hand, there is another school of thought which argues that sexual deviance is a biological issue.

There are many psychological and biological theories related to sexual deviance that explain the causes and give the solution for this issue of sexual deviance. Many psychological theories have been developing during the last few decades. Psychological theories focus on human thought and behavior. A number of psychological theories of sexual deviance focus more on male-perpetrated rape cases and child molestation, sexual sadism, or female-perpetrated abuses.

The supporter of the psychological school of thought argues that sexual deviance is all because of psychological issues. Others may play their role, but they make less contribution than psychological elements.

Biological Theories of Sexual Deviance

Biological theories of sexual deviance see sexual deviance as a form of biological illness. The supporter of biological theories of sexual deviance assumes that people are born by nature criminals. They are different from non-criminals. This, as a result, leads to criminal behaviors.

The Biological Theory of Y Chromosome

The theory of chromosomes explains that sexual criminals have an extra chromosome Y that gives them XYY chromosomal, not XY chromosomal; due to that, they commit crimes. XYY chromosomal, also called the super male, has extra sexual powers.

Analyze whether the field of psychopathology can provide solutions to the problem of sexual deviance.

Psychology can provide a better solution to solve the problems of sexual deviance as compared to other solutions. Most deviant victim’s cases are closely related to psychological issues. There are different types of sexual deviance that are closely linked with psychology, such as zoophile, Transvestic Fetishism, and Sexual sadism. These are some major types in which the element of psychology is more dominant than other factors.

There are a number of psychological tests that have measured the different aspects of psychological functioning, such as locus of control and pro-sexual attitudes.

There is a number of psychological ways through which you can remove sexual deviance from the society, that type of cases of sexual deviance mainly occur or there rate are high in those areas where society is congested, they have less social interaction as compare to open society. Immaturity is one of the main roles in sexual deviance.

Validity Scales

Sexual/Social desirability, which measures sex drives interest and identifies whether clients are responding in a socially desirable environment; Sexual Obsession, which measures an offender’s obsession with sex and any tendency to exaggerate his problems; and Lie Scale, which measures the extent of denial and minimization.


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