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Types of Resumes

There are different types of resume that include: chronological, functional, targeted and combinations. Each of the four resumes is used for different purposes. Therefore, personal circumstances determine the suitable resume to use.

Chronological resumes: These type of resume lists your employment history in chronological order, beginning with your last job to the first job you ever did.

Functional resumes: these type of resume focuses on applicant experiences and skills.

Targeted resumes: This type of resume is specific in details about a certain job applicant is seeking.

Combination resumes: it is combinational of both functional and chronological resumes.

The key component of Effective Resume

The key component of an effective resume is the format. The resume maker format is the organization of the resume, which determines which type of resumes that you are using.

Differences between Chronological and Functional Resumes

A chronological resume is a resume that focuses much on applicant work history. The most recent job position you have held is listed first, with others following in chronological order. This type of resume is preferred by employers since it shows the jobs applicant have held and timeline you have worked those jobs.

Whereas, the functional resumes entail your skills and experience. The employment history is not much considered in this resume.

Key Components of Effective Resumes

An effective resume if the first opportunity you have to impress the hiring manager. Therefore, a great resume has the following components:

• An organized format: the structure of your resume should be organized well, i.e., traditional font size, consistent spacing, and a good layout.

• Ensure the resume grammar is good without spelling mistakes.

• List your relevant experiences and jobs that you have held before.

• Brief explanations of you’re the gaps in your jobs if there is any.




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