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Types of Female CEOs

It is crucial for a business to have a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as he or she is the person in charge of managing a given organization. They make decisions, manage and communicate in the organization. Women are not left out in these managerial jobs in organizations; those who possess the traits of leadership are also given a chance to serve as CEOs. The types of CEOs are discussed below.

To start with, there is a commercial executor. Her central focus is on the best results in her industry. This type of CEO focuses on every detail persistently to ensure the objectives of the organization are achieved without failure. She is interested in performance management. My opinion about this type of CEO is that they focus relentlessly on performance and always want the best results in the organization.

The corporate entrepreneur is another type of CEO. This type of CEO focuses on Personal mission in the industry. They are always proving and believing in a better way. They search for possible opportunities for growth in the organization. They invest everything in the company as if it were their own life. The work of Human Resource Managers for this type of CEO is only hiring and firing workers. In my humble opinion, Corporate entrepreneur values the company more than anything else.

Moreover, the corporate ambassador is another type of CEO. This type of Female CEO focuses on society at large, and they are always looking for a global vision for societal impact. They transform industries by operating at the geopolitical level. My sentiments about this CEO are that she focuses so much on society and how the industry impacts society.

People champion is another type of CEO. Her main focus is on culture and people. They should be able to engage well with people. Her traits include good communication skills with people, strong values, and always being very warm. Her main work is to create a good rapport with people.

Last but not least, there is a financial value driver. Her main focus is on shareholder value. Her main traits are the good mastery of value metric skills for the organization. She mainly focuses on the organization’s transactions. The financial value driver’s main point of focus is the transactions in the company. My opinion about this CEO is that she concentrates so much on finance.

In summary, there are various types of CEOs, and each of them has her main point of focus. With all those traits incorporated, an organization is set to thrive well in whatever circumstance. They help the company run smoothly and work effectively.



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