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Type of Choreography: Theme – BARIS


  1. All the motion and movements are dramatic. It is difficult to difficult to tell whether it is the orchestra that follows the dancer or actually the dancer who follows the instruments. In other words, they go hand with hand with each other.
  2. Performance is by one sole male dancer literally implying motivation to young warriors as they head into the battle field and glorify their victory especially after the field battle. The dancer is energetic and uses his skills to move within the space in an effort to dramatically express his choreography.
  3. The dancer has put on white leggings and has coverings all over his body and a special costume all over his body. This is a clear illustration that the dancer is dressed like a warrior and his dance is meant to motivate and input strength as well as to end fear in junior- incoming warriors.


Sub-category Time Code Description

  1. Rhythm – Beginning – At the beginning of the dance, the beats are anticipated, moving together in a systematic manner. With a sudden slow speed in an unnoticeable ascending manner.
  2. Pathway – Middle – At the middle of the dance, the dancer starts to move sideways in a diagonal way. He begins to move forward after some time.
  3. Force – End – At the end of the dance, the dancer performs a slight movement to indicate that he has finished the dance.
  4. Energy – Momentum – The dancer regains energy after a period of high speed presentation to a period of low speed.


After watching the above dance, I would like to acknowledge and express my sincere gratitude towards the talented group. The Baris is a clear illustration of how much talented the dancer is. Look at the way his hands are moving all over the space and fingers moving in the air. Wow! This is wonderful. Am astonished on the movements. I am not even able to tell which is influencing the other; I mean it is surprisingly hard to tell if it is the dancer influencing the orchestra or the other way.

He shows his powerful energy. Selamat is definitely the best compared to all other Balinese dancers, he is just experienced in a way that he motivates me to keep on watching his dance. I love the way his body movements go hand with hand to the syncopated beats. Look at the way he is possible to unite whole body movements to the rhythms time to time. To top on his complexity, repetition of his steps and movement patterns time to time is just on point. He is capable of connecting steps and sequentially flow them one at a time in a systematic order. This excellent work makes me try to imitate him, but guess what, it is completely impossible to produce exactly this dance. I recommend this choreography, AWESOME!

This choreography is beneficial to the entire entertainment and dance field as well because it broadens the ability of dance makers to develop unique movement patterns to develop dance goals and impression to viewers and watchers. Employment of the skills learnt from viewing this script helps discover movements and retrieve new territories that generally equips choreographers with new styles and more often experiments. In conclusion, time, space and energy are the key crucial aspects of choreography that drives human interests to learn dances and styles.



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