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Training Methods for BB&T Tellers


BB&T is a financial service provider based in North Carolina. Its bank provides consumers with mortgage, asset management, security brokerage, commercial banking and insurance-related products and services. Decentralization of authority makes it different from the other banks, as its decisions are made on a local basis. The services provided by the bank are its main strength. The job responsibilities of a bank teller are very complex. Apple introduced Applepay as a uniquely designed payment technology that its customers can actually pay out their bills, payments etc by using this technology.

Describe the methods or combination of methods you would recommend to train BB&T Tellers on Apple pay.

The first method to train tellers, according to me, is Group discussions & Tutorials. As this method will provide the tellers with a tutorial that how Apple Pay technology actually works in real life. This method will allow the teller to ask any question that comes to their mind regarding the working or usage of Apple Pay. Job Training is another method that I would recommend to be used by BB&T. The OTJ method will be helpful as, in this method, the tellers will actually observe how Apple Pay works when it is used by their peers or managers. It is one of the effective methods to train employees about the new technology that is prevailing in the market. It is extremely important to have an effective training program for the success of any business. If the employees are not properly trained, it would cost the company with low-quality service, low productivity, etc (Noe, 2009). On the job training along with Interactive training techniques is the combination of a method I would recommend BB&T to apply on Apply pay.

Five Specific Principles Applied on Case Study

OTJ (Job Training), Team training, simulations, audiovisual techniques, and presentation are some of the concepts explained in the chapter that are relevant to the case study. Audiovisual techniques and presentations will provide tellers with the proper functioning and usage of Appl pay. This will enable tellers to actually understand the workings of Apple Pay. On the job training will enable tellers to know about how the customers of Apple pay out their bills and payments by using Apple Pay. How it is different from the other similar applications. Making out the teams and then giving out training is one of the effective training methods used by the companies. It is essential for the employees working in a bank with the same routine tasks will get them bored. Letting them know about the new technologies will enable them not to get bored but to stay updated with what is going on outside the world.

When I was working with a marketing firm, my job responsibilities were to look at the accounts and finance of the company. I was a fresh graduate and didn’t have enough experience. They provided me with the basic 6-week training, in which they told us about all the working and functioning of the company. After the training, they assigned a supervisor whose responsibilities were to have a keen look at us and resolve any issue that we encountered. An interesting thing was that the supervisor used to come to me on a daily basis and ask himself with this kind gesture whether I had any problem regarding the work or any issue with the behavior of my co-workers. This thing actually triggered me to work even harder. After a couple of months, they shifted me to another position in the same department because it was mandatory that after this much time, one would switch to another position so that he or she would learn new skills. This process is called job rotation. It is evident that off-the-job training of middle managers increases the productivity of the company ( Konings et al., 2015). In order to survive in this competitive era, one should have multiple skills. The methods used to give training were Coaching, Cross training, On-the-job training, and Audiovisual techniques. There are many new challenges emerging every new year in training and development like outsourcing, knowledge management, etc. Effective pieces of training results in increased productivity and performance of the company (Theis et al., 2015). Apple introduced this new technology called Apple Pay, which has brought more traffic by increasing the number of customers using Apple products. Apple has always been striving for the betterment of its products and bringing new and advanced products to the market.

A manager will start with the Interactive training technique that will keep Tellers engaged and which will make them more approachable. This technique will incorporate group discussions, which is one of the best ways to pass on the information to employees. In other words, it provides open communication between the trainer and trainees. Another good way for the manager is to invite someone who knows every facet of Apple Pay, gather around all the tellers, and create an environment of training where that particular person will let tellers know about the working and functioning of Apple Pay. A manager would make sure that all the tellers will get a better know-how about the functioning of Apple Pay.


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