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Over time, various community programs have been started in the USA on a charity basis. Toys for Tots are one such program that is a premier community program by the Marine Corps. More than half a century passed, and the program serves to distribute multiple toys and things of charms to needy American children. The program urged the children and somehow, youngsters for future hope and confidence in the darkness of poverty. It has served the purpose of nourishing the leadership attribute and personality traits of poor children (Nassau, 2019). In other words, this program has helped the nation to grow responsible, patriotic, productive, and zealous citizens. Moreover, it has cast positive impacts on the children along with overall communities. In addition, the program has proved one window opening to address and check the poverty issues among poor children.

The reasons for selecting this specific project revolve around the constructive grooming and growth of children. Children are the substantial resources of any society or nation as they are real future leaders in all walks of life, and the same is the case with American children. In this contact, at psyche making or baking days, poverty or deprivation of essential objects and things may cause adverse psychological impacts. The top-ranking among these adverse impacts is hopelessness about the future and low self-esteem. Meanwhile, two future streams can be bestowed to children at an early age, and the constructive stream is preferred over the destructive one with the help of some beneficial resources. So, fortunately, various alternatives do exist in this context, and Toys for Tots is the most prioritized among them. It provides a ray of hope, especially for those American children who lead their life in poverty (Mission, 2019). On every Christmas, this program delivers a message of hope and prosperity to millions of children and helps them lead their lives on a routine basis. Moreover, it is a mentoring program that nourishes the children regarding their future plans and ambitions. That is why I specifically choose this project.

Furthermore, the main themes illustrated in this service project throughout the country revolve around the objectives of learning and psychological positivity creation among children at early ages. In this context, it is a proven fact that children imitate the actions of their elders in their lives. Another theme on these lines in this project assures the positive role model of elders towards children. Further collaboration, coordination, and cooperation among the various members of the society are served themes through the Toys for Tots program. Another theme in this regard is preparing young ones to be participators to solve any communal issue instead of you spectator. Above all of them is the concept of help incorporated into their minds. It states that one should help the people when they need it at any place and time.

As far as the personal reflection in this aspect is concerned, it is always charming to remember for anyone about receiving toy at Christmas. I cannot help to realize a very positive impact at Christmas when I was given any toy as a gift. It was a horrible experience when all of my friends received a toy for Chrisms, but I could not as I was not present in that group. But meanwhile, at some other time, our aunt Jenny, a lovely neighbor, gave me a beautiful doll as a Christmas gift along with many other things. I was too much delighted at that time. Recalling those events of my personal life, I can understand the importance and positive impacts of lovely gifts and toys that any child receives at Christmas. That is why I appreciate the Toy for Tots program to breed hope and positivity among children.


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