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Four Walls with the future inside is the representation of a school. Parents are dependably on a mission to see as right sort of schools that they accept alongside productive sheets. Worldwide General Declaration of Auxiliary Schooling (IGCSE) is one such confided in the board. The IGCSE board is exceptionally engaged and understudy driven and puts stock in making learning imaginative for kids. The schedule that the board includes is very overbearing and the methodology is very founded on application and not just hypothesis. The board even gives a wide assortment of subjects to browse and trust in giving information.

A Global school advances Worldwide training, in a Global environment. It either takes on an educational plan, for example, that of the Global Baccalaureate, Ed succeed, or Cambridge Worldwide Assessments, or by following a public educational program not the same as that of the Indian school’s guidelines. In a Worldwide school, understudies get the capability for work or advanced education in an unfamiliar country.

We have recorded the Top 12 best IGCSE Schools in Chennai, for you to choose ‘The One for your child. These are not any specific requests.

1) Campus K – IGCSE School in Chennai

Campus K, Cambridge syllabus school in Chennai that power the pursuit of knowledge using innovation actively. Bringing in ancient wisdom with the expertise of academicians, child development psychologists, and ingenuity of technology. The educational ecosystem that fosters the next generation of leaders is provided by Campus k. In a real-world manner, each student has been prepared for and taught by Campus K.

Location: Sholinganallur, Chennai.

Syllabus: IGCSE


2) American International School

AISC is focused on planning great understudies for their future, their next grade, their next school, for school or college, and for the difficulties of the 21st 100 years. Understudies in Grades 3-12 advantage from a Present to Your-Own-Innovation (BYOT) program; this innovation could be an iPad or PC relying upon the age of the understudy.

Location: Taramani, Chennai

Syllabus: IB

3) Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education International School

The Chettinad Sarvaloka Education is set in a 10-section of land grounds with cutting-edge offices. The school intends to foster people who are innovative, cooperative, versatile, and strong. The humanistic methodology of the school engages understudies to find the delight of learning, embrace challenges and utilize earth’s assets normally. The diverse program brings comprehensive educating opportunities for growth. The school helps in making worldwide residents for the future.

Location: Kelambakkam, Chennai

email: [email protected]


4) Lalaji Memorial Omega International School

Omega Worldwide School is one of the Main 10 Best Global Schools In Chennai. Omega Global School has been laid out to show kids, not just what they need to prevail in reality via common sense abilities, yet in addition to show them the qualities that they need to love and maintain for their entire lives.

Location: Kolapakkam, Chennai

Syllabus: CBSE, ICSE & IB

5) The Lords’ International School

Mrs.Manjula Kumaraguru, Chief and Head of The Rulers’ Worldwide School, centers around viable showing in which educators have however much information as could be expected of every student’s scholar, social, social, strict, physical, and close-to-home foundation. As per her, they have a strong and supportive relationship among students’ personal and academic growth.

Location: Kiskintha Main Road, Chennai

Syllabus: IGCSE

6) HLC International School

At HLC, we have spearheaded another individualized mastering program that underscores expertise-based mastering and uses an extensive variety of showing strategies – discusses, conversations, pretends, recreations, and displaying methods – all of which connect with youngsters completely in advancing by experience.

Location: Karana, Chennai

Email: [email protected]


7) Al Qamar Academy

Al Qamar Foundation is an Islamic school. School follows the globally prestigious Montessori technique for the Essential years – from 2.5 years – 12 years. From that point, the Edexcel IGCSE educational program is utilized. Islamic Investigations, Arabic, Tilawah, and Tahfeez structure a centerpiece of the educational program. Al Qamar is perceived by the Indian Montessori Chamber and is a subsidiary of the Pearson Edexcel Board. Begun by an IIT graduate and an MBA from the College of Washington, USA. The school was granted the “Best Organization for Science Educating” grant in 2009.

Location: Kottivakkam, Chennai

Email: [email protected]


8) The Indian Public School

TIPS expects to give each kid the absolute most ideal beginning in their schooling through dynamic and connecting with education. TIPS is one of the Main 10 Best Worldwide Schools in Chennai which gives Global Baccalaureate and Cambridge educational plan programs. We empower the kids to become dynamic students by offering to test, great expansive, and adjusted Educational plans.

Location: Perungudi, Chennai

Syllabus: IB & IGCSE

9) Alwin International Public School

Giving well-rounded schooling in a comprehensive way and simultaneously guaranteeing greatness in all viewpoints is the sign of AIPS. In AIPS Kids foster great imagination, confidence, fearlessness obligations, administration quality, uplifting perspective, fast direction, and sympathy for other people. With a more modest class-wise strength, individual consideration is given consequently even slowpokes are assisted with coming great in examinations. This all-encompassing methodology gives euphoric tutoring and discovering that every kid partakes in his/her young life and appreciates it until the end of time.

Location: Keezh Padappai, Chennai

Syllabus: CBSE

10) Velammal Global School

Based on the demonstrated history of the UK-based Cambridge Evaluation and Worldwide Instruction and driven by globally experienced Heads of School, our adaptable program profoundly connects all partners with individualized understudy learning, smart utilization of innovation, and an extensive variety of improvement programs. Set in a protected, understudy well-disposed climate, students will be directed to “find their direction” to what’s to come.

Location: Puzhal, Chennai

Email: [email protected]


11) The British International School

The English Worldwide School, Chennai was established in 2005 fully intent on giving a global norm of training, from Kindergarten to Year 12 following the English educational program. The school has understudies from 14 distinct ethnicities. It is an English medium, coeducational, and daily life experience school. The school keeps an educator-to-understudy proportion of 1:7.

Location: Neelankarai, Tamil Nadu

Email: [email protected]


12) Olive International School

Olive Worldwide School has been laid out to draw out the best in your youngster, to reside in a safe haven where they can learn, love, play, and develop, liberated from cultural debasement, in this manner giving an optimal learning climate to enhance individual understudy’s true capacity and guzzle Islamic qualities from a beginning phase.

Location: Shenoy Nagar (Indian Bank Building), Chennai

Syllabus: IGCSE



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