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The new independent organization has purchased Tony’s Chips. The new management of the company has decided to transfer existing external hosted site to internal hosted site. The ne management needs a backup of the website and they also require redundancy of the site. Other than website migration, new managements wanted to redesigned website which has a functionality of buying things from the website online. The migration of the new site with the functionality of enabling online shopping and implementing redundant website , all these tasks are accomplished by following software development lifecycle (SDLC). The software development life cycle includes phases, each phase has different tasks to develop a software. The phases of SDLC includes planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment.
To develop the web architecture , the most critical step in the software development process us the planning phase. The reason behind naming planning phase as critical one is that all the information required to build a software is attained in this phase. The success of the end product largely depends on the planning phase. The end product should meet the requirements of the management. This is the phase in which the base of the project has been laid down and this effects the entire steps to build and implement new website for Tony’s Chips. There will be proper implementation of business practices upon new website, having redundant version embed with online shopping module for costumers. Feasibility study is carried out during this phase in which cost benefit analysis is done. This study enable to make decisions and suggestions on particular step or phase of SDLC. The decisions will be made by keeping in view the operational, economic, time and technical factors.

The phase following the planning phase of web architecture building is the analysis phase. In this phase the logical model of the project is created. In this phase, the IT professional proceed with the investigation initiated in the planning phase. Interview and surveys are conducted, observations are made and document reviews are done to collect the every minor detail of requirements and acquiring the actual understanding of the system or project. In this phase , the cost and benefit analysis of the system is performed and recorded in requirements documents created by IT professionals. The management and user claims are also documented in requirement document. Alternate development strategies will be suggested in this document. In this phase , the system software and hardware is decided and finalized. System Design Specifications are formulated during this phase and is disclosed to the higher management and to the users to review and approval.
The Tony’s chips website architecture must not be huge. It will be simple architecture as it is the small company and the existing website’s architecture is also simple. The new management has demanded the redundancy of the new website that need to be focused and planned as it require extra equipment and infrastructure to be installed in place. According to his redundancy requirement, the web architecture will include multiple web servers, database servers and replica sever to stored the backup of the website and redundant website in case of break down time of servers. It is the online project so the connectivity to the internet must be there to guide customers to use this site from anywhere in the world. To secure the network, the security enabling network devices are to be purchased. In this case firewall both software and hardware will be purchased. DMZ network will be maintained to allow customers to view the information on the webserver as shop online. The database and redundant servers are secured by the firewall which is placed in front of them and thus preventing unauthorized access to the server.

The site will be secured and restricting the intruders to gain unauthorized access to database servers. To build web application for Tony’s Chips, the system software will be LAMP. It is the open source web development platform. This software has many components essential for web application development. The component are Linux, apache server, MySQL, and PHP. The Linux is the operating system, Apache is the web server , MYSQL will be the database and php will be used for dynamic scripting. The components of LAMP are opensource and are freely available thus minimizing the cost of the overall system. The advantage of using Linux operating system is that it provides more security features as compare to the windows platform.

The new servers must ready and running with the site prepared to be gotten to before starting the migration. To guarantee that there is a smooth change with insignificant downtime the pilot operation will be utilized as a part of the migration of the site. Before beginning the migration you should first guarantee the greater part of the information has been stacked onto the new servers and that the replication server is working legitimately to guarantee all exchanges will be reproduced from the remotely facilitated site to the new inside facilitated site. The redundant architecture of the website is the only solution to disaster recovery.

Essential hardware that must have a backup to guarantee accessibility is the web server and the database server. Notwithstanding having an essential and a backup of each of these two servers a replication server should likewise be actualized into the architecture all together for the databases on every server to reflect each other. With legitimate arranging and execution of this framework if the primary servers collapse there won’t be any intrusion of service to the client who is getting to the site. Assess contrasting options to the organization self-facilitating the site.

There are a few options that the company could seek after other than self-hosting the site. One option is to have the site with an outer service that as of now has the servers and service set up yet this alternative diminishes the measure of control that the company has over the site. A web-hosting company is another contrasting option to self-hosting the website which could be gainful to the company. With these web-hosting organizations you can lease or rent whole servers that are now on the web and physically put away at the web-hosting company webpage or server rooms as opposed to being situated at your company area. This choice will enable you to have control over the servers without having the necessity to either store the servers or perform routine upkeep on them.

The advantages of this option is that you will have diminished downtime and operational more than 99% of the time, upgraded security as these organizations have top notch security and security specialists hired at their destinations, and cost effective as the greater part of the equipment and additionally the physical location and framework is given by the web-hosting company.

The website architecture that has been chosen will give an essential web server and database server and a substitute web server and database server. Moreover the two web servers and two database servers the architecture will likewise comprise of a replication server. Another segment of the architecture will be the two firewalls that will enable the clients or clients to get to the web servers and will likewise keep them from getting to the database servers or the replication server. With this architecture the majority of the higher management’s claims for inside hosting of the website, substitute ability, enabling clients to do online shopping and it will likewise give the organization adequate security on the framework to avoid unapproved access to the database and replication servers. One of the fundamental worries of the authority is a go down site in the occasion the principle site goes down for any reason.’

On account of this there is a necessity for a alternate system to gain control in case of a collapse which is the explanation behind the establishment of two web servers and two database servers. The support for the replication server is on account of as the name infers, the replication server will duplicate the majority of the information between the two databases. This is vital for the system because of the way that with this server set up there isn’t a necessity for faculty to exchange or repeat the information from one database to the next once a day. This will keep the database crooked because of human blunders amid information input and will likewise guarantee that the two databases have similar information. On the off chance that one of the database servers fails then the extra server will gain control and the site will keep on running as composed. Once the downfall settled, the two database servers should be accommodated or repeated before bringing the main server back on the web.

Amid the breakdown of one of the database servers the clients of the webpage won’t understand that there is a downtime as the backup server had similar information at the main because of the consistent replication of information between the two database servers. Moreover the web, database, and replication servers another critical bit of the design is fixing the firewall’s to counteract unapproved access to the database to avoid information mishandling and furthermore to avoid any client’s data from being gotten from the database.
The support for utilizing the LAMP stage is that this system software is usually utilized when creating a website and will meet the whole necessity for actualizing and running the site. Another imperative factor is the security includes that are accessible in the versions of Linux. Because of the greater part of the segments in the LAMP framework being open source and unreservedly accessible this will diminish the general cost that will be brought about by Tony’s Chips during the design, set-up, and usage of the site.

After the planning, analysis, and designing of the system the inside facilitated site will be executed in the implementation stage. Once the implementation stage is finished we move to the systems support and security stage. By facilitating the site inside there are extra support claims that are required by the organization that would not be if the site was facilitated by an outside organization. The greater part of the normal support that is required on the system equipment and the site maintenance are currently the duty of the organization. Some of these support necessities are maintaining the databases consistently, either every day or week by week and ideally having these substitutes put away in another area.

Another help requirement is keeping up the greater part of the equipment to incorporate the servers, cabling, firewalls, and in addition the room where the servers are put away and kept up. There is additionally the requirement to monitor and keep up the room itself where the servers are found, including guaranteeing that the temperature is at the right setting and is kept up for ideal operation of the servers, guaranteeing the tidiness of the region and the gear. An extra support requirement is the requirement to examine the network for network performance to guarantee that the network is running productively and will give the clients a decent ordeal while visiting the site. Another requirement for examining the network is to distinguish any malicious attack against the network. By including the functionality of online shopping achieves another help work after the website has been actualized, customer help.

Support must be accessible to process the requests, react to messages, or answer telephone calls from clients who have gone by the site and need help. This will likewise include a prerequisite for extra boss’ to be accessible keeping in mind the end goal to talk with any client who has had an issue with a request or has an objection that can’t be settled by one of the client benefit/support delegates.
The assessment of the execution of the new site will be a progressing procedure from the minute that the relocation from the remotely facilitated site to the inside facilitated site starts. Amid the assessment of the movement procedure the assessment will focus on if there were any down time and if so what was the term of each time there was a blackout. Once the website has been relocated and the essential and backup web and database servers are online and working. The testing is done to guarantee that they are working appropriately in case of a failure of the essential servers.

Amid this assessment the main server will be brought down to guarantee that the backup servers are assuming control and executing as planned with the goal that the client won’t see that there are any issues in the framework. With the expansion of the purchase framework giving the clients the capacity to buy items online the operation of this part of the framework should likewise be assessed. When offering the capacity for clients to buy items online the client encounter must be assessed to guarantee that the clients are getting the most ideal service. A portion of the things that should be assessed are regardless of whether the things can be chosen and put into the “shopping basket” or not.
The quantity of clients who visit the site ought to likewise be contrasted with the quantity of clients who really buy items from the site. In the event that there are numerous clients who visit the site and place things in the “shopping basket” yet don’t really make a buy this could be a pointer that there is an issue with the capacity of the buy framework. In the event that it is found that there is an issue with the buying framework, remedial move ought to be made promptly to enhance the client encounter when going by the site which thusly will likewise build income for the organization.

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