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Thomas Jefferson vs. Thomas Paine


In the US history, certain personalities have contributed a lot to the progress and development of the American people. Among those Thomas Jefferson and the Thomas Paine are the two key figures. Both have differences and the similarities in their background, ideology and the achievements. The two were the primary advocate of independence from the Europe and for the protection of the human rights. They are influenced by the philosophy of enlightens. Similarly, they have certain differences in their political approach. However, both of them profoundly affect the minds of American through their valuable contributions. Thomas Jefferson was the primary author of the declaration of the independence while Paine had written the number of articles to enhance the courage of people during the war of independence.


The educational and the family background of the Thomas Paine reveals that he belongs to the low-income family in Britain. By profession, his father was the tailor. The education of the famous personality lasted only at the age of thirteen whereby he cannot proceed with further training. He helps his father in the profession of tailoring. He then got a job tax collector and continued his education in the free time. His first suffering gives him the real lesson of the life. His understanding of the fundamental human rights let him resist against the colonial rule of England.

For upholding the independence, Thomas Paine called for the arms which could defend America. He wrote an adequate response to the attack on the French revolution by the writer Edmund Burke. The construction of common sense in the views of Paine is the subject of the relationship between Great Britain and its colonies. Through his writings and the papers, he hoped for the education of fellow Americans (Brennan, 2017). In the introduction parts of the parts, he tries to convince his followers that habit of not thinking about the wrong thing eventually makes the superficial appearance of things as being the right. The choices of the writing provide an in-depth comparison with the thoughts of Jefferson which reveals that the king has established its rule over the states as an absolute tyranny. There are certain differences in writings of the two principal leaders of America, but both have influenced the readers by applying some techniques to sell and make their feelings known to the people. There are understanding of the leaders of the rule of Britain and the brutality imply over the states.

Thomas Paine supported the ideas over the victory of American troops and the victory gained by them. He also suggested through his work to the people that they must not believe in the religion blindly. People should question on certain aspects of the faith. Publication of many articles by Thomas Paine played an essential role in the declaration of the independence. Common sense has inspired and improved the consciousness of the people to fight for the freedom of their state. The revolutionary movement also influences and backed by the writings of Thomas Paine (Clark, 2018). The writings of the Paine also inform the readers about the plight of the nation. In the same way, Jefferson was promoting the importance of time by implying that the time has come to take the stand for the state. Paine draws a line among the difference in civil society and the state.

According to the writing of the Thomas, Paine government is only the small aspect of the civilization. The idea of the autonomous functions of the society influences the political philosophy of the United States. There seems a little different in the writings of Paine as Thomas Jefferson holds certain parallel thoughts about nature, Philosophy and the independence of American State. Born into a wealthy family and qualified for an excellent education Jefferson was one of the pioneers of designing the declaration of American independence from the colonial rule of Great Britain (Conroy 2015). He was the third president of US. The writings and the thoughts of Jefferson revolve around three concepts that are free of the religion, press and the people‘s freedom in their expression. He has the number of contribution like purchasing of the Louisiana which doubled the space of America.

The philosophy of Jefferson provides the basic principles regarding the development of the democratic values in the USA. He also defends the civil rights for the freedom of his state. His political ideology is an essential and precious legacy in the political culture of the USA. The declaration of the independence in which Jefferson was the vital person has provided a smooth and the regular system of the newborn nation. He was the staunch protector of human rights and promote the freedom of the people in their different aspects of life. Like Paine, he was one of the resistors of the tyrannical rule of the king who was residing in England.


Concluding the remarks about the two great personalities of American history both show similar intentions in their documents. The two propounded that state would be better off without ties of Great Britain. The overall work style and the tone reveals that certain differences are there in their writings. Thomas Paine tried to sell his thoughts to the reader over the independence and show himself as a salesman, While Thomas Jefferson holds up-front approach and convinces the readers through active voice. However, documents of both the writers were compelling and contributed in supporting the nation for their independence.



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