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Third Gender Cultures

In almost all of the history of humans and, especially, the culture of humans, we are familiar with and united no less than two genders. For majority of the cultures and societies, this results in the classification of two genders that is male and female, and two sex that is, man and woman. The thoughts of transsexuals and homosexuality have their specified and separate group as novel and unparalleled, although the cases of a 3rd sex or gender are mostly recognized in numerous civilizations(Hekma & Herdt, 1994).

There is a large amount of samples that have a “3rd gender” in their cultures or society in the past:

  1. In native Hawaii, before its settlement, there was an extended stand-up manifold gender custom, where the mahumight be a female or a male physically, however, chosen to live a gender-based character either reverse to theirs, anywhere in between the old-style sex parts, or even both male and female parts. In its place of being inscribed off as untouchables, as individuals of uncharacteristic sex individualities frequently are nowadays, this mahu were admired in their communal parts as sacred teachers of antique civilizations(McRobbie, 2009).
  2. In early Incan society, the Incas adored a twofold gendered god recognized as chuqui chinchy, who would only be appeared and be privileged by the 3rd gender healers or domestics who sported hermaphrodite dress as “a visible sign of a third space that negotiated between the masculine and the feminine, the present and the past, the living and the dead.”
  3. In between the Baklavasof Madagascar, there is a 3rd gender collection reserved mainly for the little boys supposed to have a female entrance and character. These boys, somewhat branded as gay men after growing up and feeling the education of a male, are in its place elevated by their families as females from a young age.


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McRobbie, A. (2009). The aftermath of feminism: Gender, culture and social change. Sage.



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