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Theodore Roethke Poems

The complex character of father and son is described by the poet. The relationship between father and son is narrated by Theodore Roethke. A little boy’s father beat him, but he explains it as dancing to beautify it. I resonate with this character. Because I lost my father a few years ago because of his excessive drinking habit, he is not as abusive as the poet’s father is. But he became a total stranger when he was drunk. A rough and tough man. Like the poet, I was with him in his last days but couldn’t save him from death. And I love him despite all our differences.

Part Two:

I researched the biography of author Joyce Carol Oates. The basic style of her writing was symbolism and temptation. She was so influenced by the tragic death of his grandmother. This is clearly shown in her writings. She tried to combine the flavour of harsh reality with the imagination. The only issue I found in her biography is that it is a little dismal. Overall, it explains everything so gracefully.

Part Three:

This story is based on what the squad experienced when they found a soldier who had departed without informing the officials. The story shows that Cacciato doesn’t want to be part of the war. He has a good sense of humour, and he showed it every time. He cracked jokes because he thinks that this war is not a serious thing to worry about. He wanted to run away from the environment of war, and that’s why he preferred to go AWOL. If we read the story, we will come to know that at the end, he said “you will” refer to Berlin. He wanted to mention that he is not a man of war. Actually, he mentioned that the war was for Berlin.



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