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The Wonder Woman

In 1941, a fictional character, “Wonder Woman “, was created for comic books and is one of the most famous and prominent characters to date. Warner Bros distributed the film of this most famous superhero of DC comic characters in 2017, which summarises the story of a girl named Diana, who lives on the Amazon island of Themyscira. To stop the war, she leaves her homeland.

Since its creation in 1941, Wonder Woman’s depictions have primarily centred around being described as a feminist icon. Her depictions and stories have evolved since then, but some primary themes that the character is associated with have, for the most part, remained the same. Since feminism itself as an idea has undergone several changes, feminists, as well as non-feminists, view the character, as well as the 2017 depiction, differently. The purpose of this research is, therefore, to analyse how Woman Wonder as a character has evolved in its representation and portrayal over the years and what the sociological and cultural impact this popular cultural artefact has had on people’s imagination. How have classical and modern feminists viewed the character, and what are the different views, especially with regard to Wonder Woman’s depiction in Petty Jenkins’ films? My position is that Wonder Woman’s current and recent depictions do not always conform to modern feminist interpretations despite being seen as a feminist icon.

For this purpose, the primary source will be the Warner Bros picture in 2017 directed by Petty Jenkins (Snyder). The entire film, its story arcs, and dialogues will be analyzed within the context of the research questions. The secondary sources that will be analyzed for this research require a historical and comprehensive look at how Wonder Woman evolved as a character and what it means to different researchers who analyze the character within gendered and sociological contexts. The secondary sources that I chose include ‘Thoughts on Wonder Man’ by Norma Jones (Norma Jones) and ‘Reading Woman’s Body’ (Emad).

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