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The War Between Humanity And Oppression


Today, the arguments about freedom and welfare are discussed everywhere; however [people have forgotten what a just society really is. There have been great scholars who have offered a great deal of valuable ideas about what it takes to have a just society. Oppression is a key problem in every society in many ways. Martin Luther King Jr. talked a lot about oppression and presented great ideas about its mechanism. In another speech by Martin, the idea of a free world is presented. Another scholar and a great poet named Chris Abani has presented the idea of what humanity actually is. The war that has taken place between humanity and oppression for ages will be discussed in the essay below, where we will move towards finding ways to make this society a better place for the generations to come.


Humanity is a vast concept, and being human is a small part of it. In his talk, Abani said that the only way for a person to be human is to have his humanity reflected back by others. This is because a person cannot be a good human when there are no other humans. This humanity can only be seen in others when a person conducts small acts of kindness and humanity. It is not necessary to do big things to influence a great idea about humanity; only doing small acts will be sufficient to bring about big change.

If the concept of humanity is broken down into small parts, the basic principles that are left only include empathy, emotions and how a person relates to others (Abani). This means that without all the material possessions and wealth, a person is an exceptional creation with a lot of positivity in him. It is not easy to save this world with giant and messianic gestures; however, soft, invisible and gentle acts of kindness can make it work. It is the basic idea of humanity that is backhanded by oppression.

When people are oppressed, they are left with some choices, as described by Martin Luther King, in the following ways. According to him, there are only three ways in which a person can deal with oppression. The first one is through acquiescence. In this, the person who is oppressed has to resign himself to his doom. This is a compromise with oppression. Oppression makes people give up on their freedom, and they do not even try to get out of it even when they are given a choice because they have given up hope. For them, there is no way out of their oppressed state.

The second way is resorting to physical violence and destroying hatred. However, it is evident through history that violence can never bring peace. So, rather than solving a problem, more permanent problems are caused by violence. To get justice, if violence is taken as a way, this is an immoral and impractical way. This is because violence brings destruction for not a single party but all. It boosts the level of hatred for one another rather than love and ultimately is a way of destruction.

The third way that their only way for non–violent resistance is their quest for freedom. They believe that it is not right to be aggressive on a physical level against the opponent. However, if a person is evil, there should be some resistance against him.

Even in the speech “I Have a Dream,” Martin Luther King says that the Justice Bank is bankrupt because it has insufficient funds to grant freedom and justice (King). It is the case because most of the people are deprived of the necessities of life, and they do not have any possible way out from this oppression. He motivated the black in America to get freedom and jobs on an equal level because no one is superior based on colour or any other demographic differentiation.

According to laws of equality and humanity, every individual human being is equal, and no one is superior to others just by nationality, language, skin colour, language or any other norms made in the society that define superiority. Martin said that to be a great nation, America should be a free place for everyone. The only way to have success and prosper in this world is to join hands with every person and make joint efforts. By being entangled in the war of justice, freedom, oppression, and humanity, nothing can be turned right. Therefore, in spite of all the differences and frustrations, rising as one whole is the only way to cultivate a just society.


This debate concludes that although everyone has a life in an unjust place, it does not make anyone less of a human. However, having others around in a just society without any oppression brings humanity to life. It will make this world a better and more interesting place to live. This will help people see better things in others as well as in themselves. Fighting with oppression in the best possible way and getting out of this miserable state with the hope of living a better life is the best solution to problems. For the overall wellness of society, removing violence in its every form is necessary.

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