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The Violin And My Dark Night of the Soul by Ji-Hae Park Analysis

The following paper analyzes the story of depression told as a personal experience by a renowned South Korean violinist, Ji-Hae Park. In 2013 through Ted Talk’s “The Violin, And My Dark Night of the Soul“; she shared her story and experience of encountering depression throughout the progression of her career.

She always wanted to become a famous musical icon, but depression took over her in the initial stages of her career and blocked all her nerves to fight and make a path ahead. Depression is a dangerous mental condition that absorbs all thinking abilities of an individual and prevents them from considering the motivational and courageous remarks of other people. The same thing happened with Park; she felt that people who complement and parse her talent were just an irritable noise, and the violin she loved the most became a burden for her.

By observing the story of Park, it is also evident that depression makes one give up on their dreams, but it is also apparent that willpower can help an affected person to win the game. Take Park, for instance, as she continuously plays music during her story-telling session and affirms that music saved her life. She elaborates that changing the perspectives and standpoints could help people fight back against the depression. Moreover, a definite dream, passion, or objective can play a vital role in gaining ground. Through persistence and passion, Park finds her way out of depression and becomes the musical sweetheart of many music lovers. The story of Park elucidates the evil and dark power of depression that can lead one into the depths of murky gloom. However, a single ray of zeal can disperse the darkness and has enough power to illuminate the world.


Park, Ji-Hae. “The Violin, And My Dark Night Of The Soul.” TED: Ideas worth spreading,



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