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the usefulness of good literature in understanding the broader economic issues

One of the great aspects of good literature is that it provides valuable insight into how people are supposed to spend their lives. If one gets to study good literature, it usually means that they are putting themselves into the other’s perspective and understanding things from their point of view. They can experience some of the things that they are going through as well as make sure that they have some sort of idea about why they are reacting in certain situations. Good literature definitely exists that fits this entire criterion. It also gives important insight into people in the long run and can ensure that they can bring an element of rationality into their decisions.

Especially if one talks about the social sciences such as Economics. Economics is a unique science because it not only considers hardcore numbers and facts. Also, it also tends to ensure enough consideration about how people at large are behaving and how their overall behavior can be quantified. The law of demand and supply and the decisions that people at large make can be understood better if people have a fair idea regarding how they would be acting in different situations and what some of their underlying motivations are when making any decisions. Thus, studying good literature is critical when understanding the broader economic issues and developing an insight into these people’s choices in the long run.  What are some of the larger themes that appear in the decision-making of the people, and what are some of the cultural phenomena that have led to the increased demand can all be understood better if one takes into perspective the lifestyle and the choices that the people make.

For example, “The Song of Ice and Fire” is considered one of the greatest literary spectacles ever. If one understands the motivations of the characters, and what are some of their decisions, there is a lot of economics involved in the way this decision-making is made. Also, in this wonderful piece of writing, the strategic value of some places such as Casterly Rock can be only understood if one keeps in mind that these are some of the wealthiest places in the Kingdom.

At times, there is a perception that economics can only provide insight into how certain people are reacting at a given time.  That is not the case, though, as economics is such a well-rounded science that it also provides valuable insight into how society at large works and what some of the decision-making patterns have emerged among people with the passage of time. Thus, studying the great literature is likely to provide a lot of value regarding how taxation and monetary policy are supposed to be carried out and what are some of the underlying factors are going to affect this whole ordeal. The key thing though is to have this insight that the people should be able to ensure that they try to determine what is good literature. Good literature should talk about societal issues at large without getting into the moral debate regarding what is right and wrong. It should also have enough cultural considerations so that one can understand the functionality of the society reading the literature.



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