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the top ten most famous people in the world based on Google searches and the books written on them


A famous individual can be an immortal, celebrity, influential, or important person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events. An individual considered famous works hard to enact change for the better or even worse (Driessens, 2014). The person has a greater impact on society based on his/ her work intentionally or unintentionally. Thus, the paper has illustrated the world’s top ten most famous people based on Google searches and the number of books that possess information concerning the individual. The illustrated people include Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Abraham, Moses, Siddhartha Gautama, Paul the Apostle, Adolf Hitler, William Shakespeare, Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, and Sir Isaac Newton.


When it comes to illustrating a famous person in the world, most people become filled with a lot of people who have done anything good for society, an individual whose name is spoken in most parts of the world. Therefore, who is a famous person? A famous individual can be an immortal, celebrity, influential, or important person whose actions and opinions strongly influence events (famous person. WordNet 3.0, 2008). He/ she is considerably prominent in the history. Thus, who can you rank among this category of famous people? Some people may rank their celebrity by acknowledging their efforts with the noble peace prizes while others can retain the long-lasting legacy used to inspire others to act. On the other hand, some have come up with inventions that have been used to make life better.

However, any person considered famous has worked hard to enact change for the better or even worse. The person has a greater impact on society based on his/ her work both intentionally or unintentionally. Some famous people come up due to striving for political change while others while others just made a simple decision to obey or disobey someone and both have received critical acclaim in one way or another (Hoffman, Mansoor, Navneet, Lathika, & Julia, 2017). Therefore, in this paper, we are going to illustrate the top ten famous people in the world. The ranking of these great names is based on the searches of people on Google and approximately the number of books an individual has written in or written on his/ her own. If you travel from different cities and remote areas and ask anyone about the name listed, there is a high chance that the person being asked has heard of the name. Therefore, who could be the first on the list? Take a look, at which people have a greater influence on society.

The World’s Most Famous People

Jesus of Nazareth

Google illustrates 24.9 million searches per month and incalculable total books. It’s not essential to explain the four gospels that illustrate the way Jesus became famous, but the most interesting thing is that Christ was born of the virgin. He also died 33 years after being a famous victim of crucifixion, and he rose from death by supernatural powers after three days. He then ascended to heaven and sat on the right hand of God. The earth contains seven billion people and 33.3% worship, Christ. Thus, it’s possible that the remaining percentage has information specific to his life (Flamehorse, 2013). For instance, other religions like Islam and Judaism have perfect information concerning Jesus since Jesus was venerated as an important prophet in their religion. It’s believed that Muhammad spoke to the moment he sprang to heaven on the horse. The only communities on the earth that don’t know Jesus are the primitive, un-conducted tribes in areas like the Amazon jungle.

Google also claims that more than 129864880 books have been written, covering the thoughts of human history. This includes more than 25 million Bibles printed each year. It has been estimated that 40% of the books in the world speak of Jesus. This percentage includes books concerning Christianity, history, or even evangelism. Therefore, I suppose that almost every section of the world’s written book contains information concerning Jesus Christ.


Google has illustrated that Muhammad is being searched 13.6 million times per month and the number of books is incalculable. For those who are not Muslims, Muhammad is the founder of Islam while for the Muslims he was not the founder since the religion existed and he made restoration to better maintenance. He is also believed to have unified the religion under the philosophy God had conveyed to him under the revelation he noted down, and it became the Quran (Cedman, 2018). Islam is an Arabic name that implies surrendering and in this moment is the willpower of Allah. Therefore, there are very few films about him.

Muhammad is the second most famous person in history given that it is illegal by Islamic law for them to portray Muhammad in some way. Islamic law states that he is the last prophet sent by the Lord to teach a human being the habits of righteousness and peace, and he is very holy to be seen by the sinful eye. Muhammad died on the 8th of June A.D 632 in Saudi Arabia after uniting the whole region of the Middle East by the single God named Allah (McCutcheon, Lange, & Houran, 2002). Their name, Muhammad, has many spells, including Mohammed, Moammar, Mehmet, the Mahomet, and many others. Therefore, Muhammad is a common worldwide name with more than 200 million contenders. Muhammad implies “Praised.”


Abraham is the third most famous with more than 9.1 million Google searches per month, and the total number of books is more than two million. Abraham’s searches in the Old Testament of the Bible aren’t as reliable as those of Hitler and Moses since few famous ancient people have the same name as Abraham. Thus, the top famous people with Abraham’s name are Abraham of the holy Bible, Lincoln Abraham, and Abraham Helsing. Therefore, if you happen to go to any location of the world and ask Abraham the prophet, 99% of the societies will not have a problem answering the question.

Abraham is revealed in three monotheisms as the prophet, one of which is the people from the Middle East who believe to be just a single God. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are known as the “Abraham religion.” In the Holy Bible, God made the covenant with him due to his devotion and faith towards God while those around him followed the newest gods that took everyone for fancy. This was a result of his test of killing his son as a sacrifice. In Islam, they believe that the son being sacrificed is Ishmael while in Christianity, it is Isaac. Thus, his faithfulness granted him the blessing of being the father of many nations.


The fourth most famous is Moses with more than 2.7 million searches per month and more than eight million books illustrating about him. He is adored by three main monotheisms, i.e., Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Moses is considered one of the greatest prophets of the Old Testament and is the rescuer of the Israelites from their slavery in the Egyptian nation. He then led them to Canaan, the guaranteed Land, and the Law Giver who relayed the Lord’s commandments to Israelites and founded Jewish cultural life and traditions. When he was an infant, he was rescued by the pharaoh’s daughter after she found him floating in the basket in the river Nile. She then named him based on the Hebrew verb “to draw” and raised him as his son in the Egyptian noble house.

After becoming a big man, he escaped to the wilderness after killing an Egyptian for beating the Hebrew slave. In the wilderness, he met God in the form of a burning bush who sent him to Egypt to go and deliver his people from Egyptian slavery (Josh, 2017). He was 80 when the exodus started, and they had been wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. They received God’s law through Moses and carried it in the arc of the covenant as they moved until they reached the Promised Land full of milk and honey. He died at 120 years old and was buried in the Moab valley opposite Mount Nebo. His memorial is everlasting, and he is still known up to today.

Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)

It may be surprising that the people searching for the Buddha are not Buddhists. The approximation of the Google searches of Gautama is more than 4 million per month, and seven million books have information about him. Gautama was born in Lumbini in Nepal in 563 B.C., 24 years after the sack of Jerusalem by Babylon. He was a great mortal man who “acquired the spiritual awakening and also peace of mind” when he was 35 by age as he was seated under the Bodhi tree. Buddha stayed in meditation for more than 49 days until when he acquired the knowledge of ending the people’s suffering on earth since he provided a lot of teachings that could be used to free most people from the grief of life. They are known to be “The Noble Eightfold Path, and they include the right intention, the right review, the right speech, the right concentration, the right livelihood, the right action, the right effort, and the right mindfulness.” Therefore, if a person holds these, he may put away all the worries and be unaffected by anything. Hinduism worships Gautama, and the ten representatives of the Vishnu are God, above all the others. Bahai also adores Gautama as the manifestation of the Lord who came down to teach human beings the love of each other and the art of being happy. Gautama is believed to have died at the age of 150 years.

Paul the Apostle

Google Company illustrates that 3.35 million searches in one month and seven million books illustrate information concerning Paul the Apostle. His responsibility was to disseminate Christianity, with its theology, ideas, and principles. Paul is still venerated as a saint and thus is respected as a profound teacher, preacher, and chief Christian apostle. All of his Christian work was done through thirteen letters to different churches and people.

Paul was the first apostle to write what we presently call the New Testament of the bible. The first latter was addressing the church of the Galatians, and it took him five years. Paul’s theological illustration of his epistles has detailed statements concerning Jesus’ philosophical ethics, and salvation is given to the Gospel. The main message in his writing is that the people should believe that Christ is the child of God, the savior of the people of the world; he rose after his death and then ascended to heaven. Therefore, no one will die if he/ she is righteous. His teaching makes him well known by most people in the world than any of the twelve apostles. Before he died, he was permanently cemented by his writings. He was arrested in Rome and then beheaded due to the incitement of the political discord.

Adolf Hitler

Hitler is a notorious phenomenon when it comes to the issue of war. Google provides an investigation of 6.1 million Google searches per month and more than 175000 books containing information about him. Historically, he remains the main cause of World War II. He did it with two main desires: to be a powerful person in the world, preferably in history, in case he doesn’t rule the world. Secondly, it causes a lot of pain for those accountable for Germany’s humiliation and the despondent defeat in WWI. It was after Germany was told to pay for all the expenses in WWI, which destroyed its economy. He manipulated the people and then led to WWII which led to the death of more than 71 million people, and Hitler is to be blamed for it. He was not ashamed of what he did but instead was happy. He is always listed as a famous person due to his evil actions, and fictitious, especially for public polls like “the devil, “Stalin” etc. Thus, he is considered to be the most evil person in history.

William Shakespeare

The eighth most famous person is Shakespeare with more than Google searches with more than 7.4 million in one month and more than one million books containing information about him. He is considered the greatest writer in English and many languages in human history. He is the source of some vocabulary and phrases common in the native language. About 50% of the English phrases are drawn from King James Bible while 30% of the remaining are from Bard. If someone uses “It’s all Greek to me,” “Foods for the gods” and much more then you will be quoting Shakespeare’s work.

Based on the committee of the Nobel Prizes, William Shakespeare would be the first person in history to have won more than a single Prize in a literal work. If he had lived to this century, his plays would have deserved not one, but the sonnets are more than worth the body of the literal work that has been honored recently. The most interesting thing about the famous William Shakespeare is that his fame has very little to do with him as an individual and his life. Shakespeare only attended grammar school for his education and then started working as an actor before becoming a playwright. The greatness of Shakespeare relies on the blend of his finest poetry, multifaceted philosophy, and profound and lively wit. If one person does it once he is considered a great writer but Shakespeare did this 37 times, and he doesn’t account for 154 sonnets and the English repertory. Hamlet and King Lear are universally considered novels to be masterpieces, the benchmarks in which most of the dramas after and before are being judged.

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci

Google may be inaccurate in judging his findings since Leonardo searched most of the pages concerning the ninja turtles and the people who drowned on the  Titanic. But if you search da Vinci’s as the full name you will find the way he is renowned. Da Vinci would do anything; thus, he is considered the greatest resume in history. He was an engineer, anatomist, inventor, mathematician, architect, geologist, musician, cartographer, writer, botanist, and sculptor. He was able to invent the sniper rifle. He also bolted the refracting telescopes on the wheellock musket and took snapshots of the people from 1000 yards. He invented the wheellock musket and later a parachute 300 years before the claimed honor of Louis Sebastien in the 1700s. It worked well; he invented a hang glider 400 years before it took off. He gave a try of the invention of the helicopter, but it didn’t work. He was the first to have an understanding of the spinning helical blade.

He invented a tank that could be propelled through the turning of the crankshaft and fire in both directions. He invented mitrailleuse which is the precursor of what is being considered to be a machine gun. The machine had multiple barrels that were firing at the same time. He invented scissors for sharing clothes. His sculptures were known to be Michelangelo where he envisioned the gigantic horse sculpture from the poured bronze which is impossible to create using today’s technology. Lastly, da Vinci was considered to be a pretty good printer.

Sir Isaac Newton

The last famous person is Isaac Newton, who has one million searches per month and more than 400000 books written about him. The discoverer of calculus Albert Einstein could be placed on the list with approximately more than 6.1 million Google searches in one month, but he has few books written concerning him. Despite more searches concerning him, Einstein could not have existed based on his theory of relativity had Isaac Newton no more (Donna & C., 2009). Newton generalized a binomial theorem that invented a reflecting telescope, which coined the gravity of the world and gave the Catholic Church the importance of hegemony on geocentrism in the final knockout blow. Galileo and Copernicus faced the Inquisition, but no one tried to reproach “Newton’s Principia Mathematica.” Maybe arguing with someone’s observation may be inane enough but creating an argument with math as in Newton’s case was impossible (Winfred, 2017). Therefore, he proved the heliocentric theories and later explained why and how the microscopic objects in the rest of the world move as they are doing.  He investigated this independently and then researched the elements and the principles of optics. He also invented the pet door. The interesting aspect of Newton’s life is that he was very busy and never had sex and therefore he died as a virgin at the age of 84 years.


In summary, a famous individual can be an immortal, celebrity, influential, or important person whose actions and opinions strongly influence events. An individual considered famous worked hard to enact change for the better or even worse. The person has a greater impact on society based on his/ her work both intentionally or unintentionally. Thus, the paper has illustrated the top ten most famous people in the world based on Google searches and the total number of books that possess information concerning the individual. The illustrated people include Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Abraham, Moses, Siddhartha Gautama, Paul the Apostle, Adolf Hitler, William Shakespeare, Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, and Sir Isaac Newton. Therefore, many people could have different categorizations based on different aspects, but based on Google searches and a number of books these are the top famous people worldwide.


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