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The Superior Value of a Master’s Degree in Nursing

There are great transformations in the healthcare system with the introduction of new practices and policies to help the patients and those providing the care. The nursing practice is affected by changes in healthcare, and nurses are expected to adjust and adopt new inventions. The various levels of education in the nursing field give advanced skills to help deal with some of the complex problems that arise with patients. There is a distinct difference between master`s trained nurses and baccalaureate-trained nurses. A master`s in nursing is the next level of the degree. A nurse with a master’s degree is more equipped with skills to tackle more complex situations in their work area. A nurse with a master’s can take more roles including management than a nurse with a degree. However, both nurses can be administered as a registered nurse (Valencia, pg8).

A master`s degree in nursing is more valuable compared to a baccalaureate degree.  With a master`s degree in nursing, someone can be employed in various areas. They can become nurse educators since it is the minimum requirement for that job in many places. They can become business managers in healthcare facilities as well as nursing administrators. They can be Chief Nurses who are the head of all nurses at a hospital (Clark et al., 330). The advanced degree can be of other uses if one wants to advance one’s career.

Some of the essential competent skills for a master`s prepared nurse include undertaking an advanced role in nursing from a specific area such as management. They should be able to implement research and theories into practice when dealing with patients and families (Sherman et al., 22). They should be able to analyze nursing strategies to improve the quality of care. They should also be able to use their skills, knowledge, and leadership to promote positive policy change at different levels.

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