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The Structure of Fahrenheit 451

In the field of literature, some authors present a positive impact on the lives of individuals and it is imperative to enlighten on their contributions. One of such authors, Mary Higgins, who is the author of some novels and most of them are full of suspense as well as drama. The sense of urgency depicted in the novel is something which thrills the most. Ideally, she creates a platform which gives readers the necessary climax. Most writers are not able to consolidate information in the right manner. In this case, she uses short paragraphs, and that brings a sense of resolutions. Readers who get the aspect of resolution enjoy the short paragraphs, and that is evident until the end of the essay. The end part is the one-line paragraph. That is just one instance depicted in the novel. Another instance that is apparent is the narrative structure. It is not arranged in such a manner that it has the introduction, body as well as the conclusion. Moreover, the development of the characters is also not well, and one that is very shallow is the Montag. The aspect makes the story to miss the depth, necessary in bringing a broader understanding. Even though such limiting factors exist, it is still apparent that the story makes good use of the narrative structure. Some of the key aspect embraced in the story includes the climax, falling action, resolution, exposition as well as the rising action.

An instance to start with is the exposition which articulates on the aspect of having a pleasure to burn. Once a reader takes time to explore the book, he or she gets to meet a man who is enthralled with the nature of the activity that he was doing. The execution as a book burning fireman is an act that the man found interesting. The activity that he does depicts a sense of art, and it was possible to impact positively on the lives of stakeholders. The setting is also an instance to consider, and it depicts key aspects of autumn. Medical technology, as well as robotics, form a crucial part of the novel (Sisario 12). An understanding of how the society operates is evident once Montag as well as Clarisse converse. That is also evident when Montag communicates with the wife (Bradbury 8). There exist some questions asked in the novel such as the aspect of being happy and the act of attempting suicide further prompted the level of conflict depicted in the novel. All these are aspects which are evident in the society.

Another aspect to consider is the rising action. The aspect makes use of several events. In the initial stages, it is apparent that Mildred took the move and tried to commit suicide. Montag tried making several discussions regarding why he was not unhappy with the entire case, and it was not apparent what she did to justify the same. Montag had all the reason to believe that the wife was never happy and all he wanted was to change the situation and bring a sense of happiness in the family. It is apparent that the significance of death in the instance was meant to show the incomplete process which was part of the venture.

Another aspect to understand in the novel is the climax, which also indicates the ability to follow the structure of a narrative. Ideally, the instance is the point of no return in which readers get a sense of most happenings in the play, and that makes it possible to have a comprehensive understanding of the main point (Sisario 15). The information that Montag’s boss disclosed in the instance also explains on key aspects that happens in marriages today. Montag used the information from his boss to bring the house down. The boss managed to hit him below the belt, and it was not possible for him to gain the pace needed at that instance to place things in order. The boss took the initiative of hunting the personality on the other side. Montage didn’t have an option but to turn the fire hose on the boss. He later burnt to death, and the main cause of such is the fear that resulted in safety guaranteed to Faber. Moreover, there is the aspect of falling action. That was evident in one instance in which Montag decided to run away from the authorities.

In conclusion, the piece of much importance since it outlines key happens in the society and illustrate on how individuals use crude methods in addressing such instances. The impact of the ad as well as the political campaign on creativity is also evident in the piece. Most readers agree with the fact that imagination, as well as cultural heritage, dominates key aspects of the book. The ability to follow the narrative structure is the main justification for the comprehensive understanding of key happening in the book. It is upon the author, in most instances, to embrace key features of research to give readers the very best.

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