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The Silver Linings Playbook Review

The novel “The Silver Linings Playbook” is an emotional and riotous tale showing how a man’s memory is regained and comes to terms with his wife’s unfaithfulness. The character of Pat Peoples is a loving and charming man who wants to get back to his wife, showing the sensitivity and emotionality of the author. While Pat Peoples spent his time in a neural health facility, he came up with a theory regarding silver linings. He believed the life he was living was a film produced by God. He thought he had an aim to become physically healthy and emotionally sympathetic, and the happy ending to the movie would be going back to his wife, Nikki. Everything appeared different when he went to live with his parents. Nobody referred to or talked about his wife, Nikki. Pat met Tiffany, who was a physically fit and distressed widow. She proposed to become a link between him and Nikki on the condition that he would quit watching football, take part in the Dance Away Depression competition, and keep the contract secret. During all of this, Pat didn’t stop looking for his silver lining. After Pat was discharged from the mental hospital, he went on to work and read literary works so that he could become the person his wife wanted him to be. A sense of any tragic moment appears in the novel, but the author doesn’t reveal it until the end of the story.

The novel is brilliantly written. The author successfully takes the readers inside Pat’s mind and depicts the world from his disrupted but still engaging perspective. The outcome is a humorous and, at the same time, emotional story that enables us to view sadness and love in an amazingly energizing way. The absolute practicality that this manuscript embraces is vast. Starting from the characters, going through the plot, and to the description of someone having a psychological disorder, every bit of ‘The Silver Linings Playbook’ shows genuineness. The cast of characters invented by the author is relatable, such as the pampering mother who wants her son to be happy and healthy and understands what is best for him. The character of the father is aggressive and abusive, wants support from his family, and is obsessed with the Philadelphia Eagles. Other supporting and good characters are also genuine and recognizable.

The author of the novel, Matt Quick, must be in love with the Eagles and football since there are a lot of references to these in his book. The most lovable things about the novel are that it gives its readers a chance to become aware of the significance of mental health and also puts light on the dilemmas and problems people face every single day of their lives. The book consists of heartbreak, depression, sadness, humour, entertainment, and a silver lining, making it a complete masterpiece. It is very difficult for a writer to maintain a balance between humour and sadness, but Matt Quick has done it well. He kept an equilibrium between emotionality and a great sense of humour. He brought out all kinds of emotions in his readers; they can cry and feel the pain, and in another moment, they can smile and laugh. The cleverness of the author is depicted while he keeps a balance of the extent of backstory with the degree of information left hidden from the reader, producing a story that both arouses a sympathetic reaction and still puts you just a little on edge, uncertain of the perceptions and previous happenings till the very end. It is highly recommendable for both men and women, and you will definitely be entertained by it. No words can describe its authenticity and emotionality, rather it has to be experienced.


Cooper, B., Russell, D. O., Lawrence, J., De Niro, R., & Quick, M. (2013). Silver Linings Playbook. Weinstein Company.



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