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the significance of Emergency Response in case of injuries and illnesses

Injuries and illness usually occur in most cases. However, there are occurrences in life that we may be able to prevent depending on the nature of the injury or illness. It was during the weekend when my friend and I tried out a little of cooking. As he was cooking the stew the cooking gas exploded and he was so seriously injured, his face and hands were seriously burnt before he collapsed and fell on the floor. Since we were alone, I reached out for help from the neighbour just a block from our house.

She immediately called 911 so that she could ask for assistance, luckily the emergency team picked up the call and said that they were on their way. Before the arrival of the emergency team and the ambulance, we rushed him to a nearby medical centre so that he could be given first aid since he was in so much pain. The nurse gave him some painkillers, and he tried to dress his burns on the face and hands.

Before long the ambulance arrived and picked him up rushing him to the nearest hospital so that he could receive treatment. In the ambulance, he received a little medication to relieve his pain and bleeding. On arrival at the hospital, he was rushed to the emergency unit where he started receiving treatment immediately. The doctors took care of him, saving his life and putting him out of danger.

Any illness or injury should not be taken for granted. In the case of Rana Hussein where it was an asthma attack, he should have been rushed to a nearby clinic where he could receive advanced first aid. The teachers and the school management should have immediately called the emergency team by activating 911 So that they could come and pick up Rana from the medical centre where he was receiving enough first aid. This could greatly assist in saving his life.

For Brielle Laird, in both incidents, he tripped and fell while being chased by the German shepherd and fell off the bike. His mother could have called the emergency team which is 911 so that he could receive treatment instead of being rushed to a primary doctor. Brielle’s mother seemed to carry the incidents lightly. Emergency teams are always on standby to respond to such cases and offer good health treatments, thus saving lives.



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