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“The Secret” Movie Analysis


The modern world is an age of information embedded with multiple tools collectively named as media in a broader sense (Kosta & Angelakis, 2017). When we confront this media box in our daily lives, we observe different media entities like songs, dramas, movies, documentaries, etc. One of my favorite pieces on the list is “The Secret” documentary movie. The main assumption in this documentary is to show the power of the law of attraction, i.e., whatever one desires and thinks about, one gets that after alignment with natural law. Whatever you want wholeheartedly, you can find your treasure having a condition of hard work and struggle.


The main theme and assumptions of the said piece of media are based on reality. The legendary works done by all great people had a burning desire to reach the goals through struggle (Del Barrio, 2020). Their passion converted them to determined personals who transformed dreams into realities. They left unforgettable prints on the pages of human history and became torchbearers for their predecessors. As far as the discussed belief in this video is concerned, it is physical in a sense having tangible results in the real world. The great civilizations and empires, miracles in multiple disciplines, the transformation of humanity from scratches to modern wonders of technology are bestowed to the struggle.

However, the reality-based on this concept is not measurable in terms of scientific knowledge. Undoubtedly, the law of attraction has a sound scientific basis. It is vigorously explained by Quantum Physics and Nano Technology (Amit et al., 2021). But on the other hand, it cannot be measured scientifically. The scientific instruments are in the developing stage and have multiple limitations based on precision, accuracy, and capacity. Up till modern-day scientific progress, these limitations did not affect humans to measure these realities and concepts scientifically, narrated in this piece of media.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the said concept is not a new one for human beings. The old Greek civilization had plenty of philosophers who demonstrated these ideas, i.e., the law of attraction in their creative literature, like Plato and Aristotle Baron (Baron, 2019). These personalities have positively responded to these ideas. For example, Plato described the same opinion about the law of attraction in these words, “like always attracts like”.On another occasion, he explained the law of attraction based on greatness in words:

“A grateful mind is a great mind which eventually attracts to itself great things” (Plato).

Moreover, the assumptions and concepts in this piece of video are solely Biblical. The desire to achieve something and work hard wholeheartedly is a divine message to humanity from the Almighty. The relentless desire to find the goals are only possible if one works hard according to the law of nature. Whatever is the desire of any person, he can achieve it through the law and concept shared in this video. As in the words of the Bible:

“But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds, they stand” (Isaiah 32:8).


The crux of all the debate is that the law of attraction is reality-based and has a scientific basis. Human generations have learned and applied this law to make their dreams a reality. Many great philosophers and thinkers seconded the said concept and preached it to the masses for the betterment and welfare of humanity. And divine guidance also emphasizes the importance of this concept, i.e., setting goals and working hard to achieve them. The need is to apply this law into our lives with full clarity and mind and without ambiguity.


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