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The Recent Surge of Social Violence in the USA

It is said that the United States of America has a history but not a tradition of domestic violence. There’s a history of domestic violence because abuse has been constant and voluminous in the past. Currently, various social issues are prevailing in the society of America like racial equality, police brutality, classism, gender inequality, and LGBTQ rights that are challenging numerous people.

Many of these problems have been ongoing for decades, but the government has not taken strict actions to overcome them. They are only been receiving the awareness they deserve since 2010. Recently, the issue of police brutality has been on the rise specifically against Black Americans. There have been numerous cases to be witnessed all around the country relating to the shooting and killing of unarmed American citizens, especially of African American descent by police officers. Along with the tragedies that occurred in Ferguson that are still fresh in the minds of many people, there have been continuous riots and protests in major cities of the United States resulting in destruction.

Feminist issues are also on the uprise, with recent tragedies such as female celebrity nude photo leaks, the Santa Barbara shooting, and the Steubenville rape. LGBTQ issues are growing tremendously as well with same-sex marriage being a leading topic in legislative elections. At present, fourteen states in America are still striving to get same-sex marriage legalized (“Is America becoming more violent? I asked 12 experts.”, 2018). It is deduced from various researchers that exposure to violence in a social environment is a significant and significant risk factor for the growth of psychopathology in children and adolescents. Exposure to violence has increased depression, stress symptoms, anxiety, and aggression in American children (“Violence: The American Way of Life | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization,” 2018). The stats and information compiled by the National Commission’s experts deduced that American violence had taken the form of action by one group of citizens against another instead of citizens against the state. The government is trying to overcome this difference between these specific groups however these problems are deeply enrooted inside the people and cannot be resolved unless the people themselves take steps (“Reflections on Violence in the United States”, 2018).


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