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The Reasons Why individuals engage in Violent crimes and the Role of the Criminal Justice System

Individuals taken advantage of by the opponent in a certain way are known to be the victimized people. They are attacked, hated, or given panic injuries. Their pains could extend to personal freedom, family hatred, social association, or a group of people concerned with the victim. After experiencing bad acts they are found ill both psychologically and physically and become an unusual burden on society. Certain theories examine the nature and type of victim, and the explanation concerned with the case study of the respective person as to why he/she indulges in criminal violence while others don’t.

Self-control is one of the major issues with offenders who commit crimes to harm others. The majority of criminal investigators claim that most people lose control of themselves and indulge in acts of crime because they have no control over their particular actions. They are used to acts that harm other people. If they could have control over their deeds they might not be indulged in any criminal offending acts or any misleading ideas that may have bad effects on the social environment. Several approaches could be applied to prevent such types of actions.

Violence at the private level or in family life also paved the way for people to have an increased victim ratio. There could be a careless approach towards the management of children. Sexual harassment by the powerful to the weaker or the junior by the senior member of the joint family system. These actions could be stopped or controlled by preventive measures like surveillance or overlooking by mature family members.

Sometimes, the victim’s attractive look might get the criminal’s attention. That’s how the style of the life of one invites the attention of those who are not used to or are not able to have the facilities like that of the person possessing such laudable qualities. To look at these cases one might change the psychology of the individual by arranging a friendly environment or by providing him with moral lessons via direct or indirect lessons.

The victimization at the workplace invites the attention of the management staff to consider the matter with adequate measures. It also includes harassment that may divert the specification of the work towards other motives of the one working there. To reduce such actions and choose not to repeat such actions in the future, prosecution for offenders must include strict punishment and psychological treatment to reduce incidents like that in office. To keep the officials abiding by the laws, rules, and regulations of the concerned office, it is imperative that the higher authority oversees them.

Reformation in the criminal justice system is the core area that needs to be addressed to avoid the issues of victimization. I would like to suggest the theory for victim safety and for appropriate reforms. Personal defence theory is comprised of the motives that if criminals attack someone anywhere at any time, he/she could be able to save themselves. The core areas of the process would be interviews, training, and awareness regarding the abnormal, deprived, or the person who might intend to harm those who cannot defend themselves. A Group of students would engage them for the whole activity. It would also include an assessment to review the specific person’s case (Wortley & Townsley, 2016).

In short, victim people are full of fear, and hatred and exercise the same attack on others and expand the same crime to other members of the whole society. To prevent such cases, it is imperative that crime be dealt with in a highly professional manner to completely eradicate the abuses from society(Maxfield, 1987).


Maxfield, M. G. (1987). Lifestyle and routine activity theories of crime: Empirical studies of victimization, delinquency, and offender decision-making. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 3(4), 275–282.

Wortley, R., & Townsley, M. (2016). Environmental criminology and crime analysis (Vol. 18). Taylor & Francis.



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