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The Prospect Of Transgender As a Social Concern

This particular article written by Eve Glicksman effectively highlights one of the chronic issues of the world, named the issue of transgender today. The following article provides a different form of evidence of the societal development for accepting the features of transgender in society and what needs to be done more to consider the aspect of transgender as the one stigma. The author provides the example of the first person, Jorgensen, who decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery, but this particular idea was not that simple for society. There were many voices which created the facet of discrimination for people who are characterised as transgender. The author also successfully indicates that the evolution of society helps transgender people to live more freely and enjoy equal rights in society. This particular feature was explained by the following words: “Today, signs that we are entering a more hopeful era for transgender people are flourishing.”(Glicksman, 36). The other side of the story was also described by the author, as there are still many pieces of evidence which indicate the different forms of discrimination for transgender people.

Undoubtedly, it is the right time for the world to consider the critical issues related to the facet of transgender and take necessary measures to effectively deal with the issue of discrimination and hate for the transgender community. Still, transgender individuals are underprivileged in many different social settings (Miller and Grollman, 809). The aspect of rejection in the case of the actual identity of any transgender is a common prospect which delivers a harsh psychological impact on the personality of the individual. The author of the article successfully highlights the tragedy in the case of transgender individuals who mostly face the challenge of psychological distress due to different forms of abuse. There is a need for different and effective counselling programs to provide more awareness to society about the different concerns of transgender people.

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