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The Problem of Evil Case Analysis

The case presented for the analysis showcases a believer and a non-believer. The non-believer has lost his faith due to the prevalence of evil in this world and the alleged ignorance of the God. Although the occurrence of evil is a fact, however; it also allows us to discern morality and virtue. The Bible also establishes this fact in John 16:33 that there will be suffering in this world which will test the faith of the believers. However, following this logic seems extremely cruel as not only does a man undergo personal hardships, one also has to endure the suffering of their loved ones and the calamities that hit innocent people including children.

On the other hand, the believers attribute all their expectations to God. They believe Him to be a Savior for every misfortune. This belief is strengthened as the preachers of every religion glorify God as the ultimate Protector. Instructing the followers to rely on prayer for every problem has given people false hope to people. Unanswered prayers often result in shattered beliefs. As a result, many believers lose faith. Life is supposed to be full of trials otherwise; there would be no point of existence. Although, some incidents bring greater evil upon humanity, however; each suffering teaches valuable life lessons. Humans ultimately realize their mistakes and take steps to rectify them. For example; the two World Wars led to the establishment of the United Nations so that global peace and security would be maintained. The world is filled with the sinful and the virtuous, however; today we live in a society where evil is highlighted. The media often exaggerates and wrongfully reports tragedies for financial gains. However; humanity must not lose hope and must remain faithful; believing in the existence of God. Through this unwavering belief, we can combat evil.



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