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the outstanding accomplishments of Augustus, the first Roman emperor

Augustus was the first Roman emperor born on September 23, 63 BC. He is considered to be the founder of the Roman Principate. He was the emperor who ruled over the Roman empire for a long time, from 27 BC to 14AD. Throughout his life, he was given many honorifics and names. Since his birth, he was known as Octavius. Later, he was named as Augustus by the Roman Senate. Octavius’s father was a Roman Republic’s Senator and Governor, and his mother was Caesar’s niece. Augustus was so brave and responsible that at just 16, he took his responsibilities. In 47 B. C. When he was 17, he defeated Antony’s Army in northern Italy, showing his power and bravery (Ashley, 2004).

Augustus doubled the empire size during his era by adding territories in Asia and Europe. This made him the strong emperor who ruled from Britain to India. During his ruling era, he followed Julius’s assassination and impacted Western civilization. Augustus was the first Roman Emperor who did so many great things for his empire, and so he was the first citizen and the father of the country who impacted Western civilization. His great action was the Pax Romania, where he implemented peace in Rome. To accomplish peace, he expanded the Roman Empire by fighting with different territories and included them in the Roman Empire. He also enabled the security of the empire with client states.

Augustus not only focused on the empire expansion but also focused on its visualization. He also created the Praetorian Guards, now known as the Army. He developed the road systems of Rome and continued Julius’s reforms, such as the tax system. In short, he greatly impacted Western Civilization and helped society develop and progress (Radin, 2014).

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