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The Nursing Shortage Essay


Nursing deficiency is an international challenge which is disturbing each nation on the planet. Due to this dearth, patients are in misery because of healthcare staff, as they are not ready to meet their health needs. The deficiency of the healthcare experts is one of the most important obstacles to attaining the U.S. Millennium Development Aims. US millennium development goals are to lessen child mortality, to advance maternal health, fight HIV/AIDS and to ensure environmental sustainability. The global healthcare workforce is facing a great nursing deficiency. A nursing shortage is usually defined and dignified about a country’s ancient recruitment heights, capitals, and evaluations of requested for healthcare facilities (Buchan & Aiken, 2008). As population breeds older, the demand for the healthcare and the evolution of these healthcare workers and other healthcare occupations increases. There are utter reasons, which created this shortage of health care workers and nurses.


For understanding the nursing shortage, one should require to considerate that in what way it is being originated. The nursing deficiency nowadays is very complex due to the need of both supply and demand problems that are very large from before. This means that healthcare workers deficiency arises either because of a rise in their demand or reduction in the supply of it. But nowadays, culture is exaggerated by a reduction in supply which is not able to manage to come across the essential amplified demand soon (Oulton, 2006). There are some of the enlarged requirement and reduced supply are an arguing workforce, fudging in the applicant pool and the discriminating work conditions. Besides, there is a deficiency of other health specialists as well as nurses occurring concurrently. According to a report offered by the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA), the deficiency of nurses in the United States will be amplified to additional one million nurses up to the year 2020. The competent applicants for this designation had twisted away from an alumnus nursing package due to the deficiency of the competent accessible faculty and the given means (AACN, 2011). A feature that is influencing this dearth of nursing is that their schools are not being provided with the rise of their admission due to the dearth of nursing school staff. Moreover, the surplus reasons of this deficiency of the nurses are the rise in the average age of registered nurses, altering in the patient’s demographics, an intolerable increase in the staffing stress level, turnover in the mature nursing and rate of positions ( Clark & Allison, 2011; Rosenkotter & Nardi, 2007).

The United State of America in 2020, wants nurses about more than 800,000 for 22-36% nursing spots accessible ( Beechinor & Fitzpatrick, 2008). United State strained to employ international nurses for offsetting this shortage of the nurses. The United state was importing a great bunch of nurses commencing the developing countries which generate exhaustion of another nation’s very skilled and talented nurses. This is encompassing the capability of these other nations to sufficiently meet their own need for health and care. The immigration of the health workers in South Africa from sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the deficient amount of the young nurses and skilled health workforces impending into the workforce in SSA, poor management of the resources of Human Health and abrasion of the workers due to the HIV/AIDS affects the health workers and nurses in a grave number (INC, 2005). Narrow profession and specialized chances are ensuing in obstruction and deliberation of the health occupations.

For retaining the nurses in their specified field, some serious steps have to be taken to improve global health workforce. There should be the rise in the excellence of the compensation procedure that would raise the specific value of this nursing profession. Moreover, A specific increase should be placed to make the new enrollment of the Health staff and nurses for meeting the outcome of the nursing deficiency (Rosenkoetter & Nardi, 2015). A joined workforce should be made by every nation by the discipline and occupation to make a desirable criterion of skills and roles (Institute of Medicine, 2011). Great and serious improvements are being required in the field of health and macroeconomic sector and policies and also in the recruitment and preservation of the older nurses to meet the desired needs. Every country needs to accomplish the self-sufficiency of their health care staff instead of importing the workforce. So, a comprehensive staff strategy is required that solidities distant nurse enrollment and meet the domestic requirements.


The deficiency of the health workers and nurse in different in every country of the world but their impression of the Healthcare system is virtually the same. The gradation of the shortage of the nurses is disturbing the goals for the successfulness of the health system negatively. Failure to meet with the deficiency of nurses, whether it is national or regional that may result in the collapse of the complete healthcare system whose effects can be disastrous. United State should need to raise its recruitment of the healthcare staff to accomplish the current countless demands for nursing staffing. Moreover, there is need to create a system for the enrollment of the new nurses in the health staff and preservation of the aged nurses to remain in the health staff. Furthermore, there is a need to make a modest staff planning to withstand the health and care system and native supply of the nurses.


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